Centralinteligence Down at Breeders’ Cup

5-year-old Centralinteligence (shown below), a Seattle Slew progeny, was vanned off after the $1 million Dirt Mile Grade 1 at Santa Anita. The video, which can be viewed here, shows no ambulance, of course; it’s all smiles and jubilation in the winner’s circle, with Goldencents’ owner calling Doug O’Neill “the best trainer of all time.” Yes, that Doug O’Neill.

photo credit: Breeders' Cup
photo credit: Breeders’ Cup

Later in the Santa Anita day, 9-year-old (54 starts) So Big Is Better was vanned off after winning a non-BC $150,000 Grade 1.

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  1. Me too ! As well as being corrupt and all it’s other “virtues” it is heartless and totally phony in how it promotes itself.

  2. I guess I need to share because no one else will. Via “The Paulick Report” via a “Daily Racing Form Report” Centralinteligence 70 to 80% chance of returning to racing. Isn’t everyone so happy. Like everyone wanted they spent the money to operate, they are going to rehab him. Why isn’t that top bill on here?? Kind of like the Oct. 18th post “17 horses broke down” (Was changed to vanned off) one of the “17” Toyon Bay ran approximately 2 weeks later and won. See I do bring you good news here and there….

    • In your desperate attempt to discredit us, you neglect to offer context. Centralinteligence, a Grade 1 winner, is a valuable piece of machinery. A pedestrian horse, which means most U.S. starters, would have been dead by now.

      • I think you are reading this wrong. It is not that a mistake was made ,it is that some think horses with these injuries should be operated on. In doing so they are talking about racing him again. Very few come back to their original form. So by fixing him it is very likely you will see him a Beulah, Suffolk, or some other place running for cheap claimers in the near future. He is a gelding so it is not for breeding. It was said “Owners need to spend the money and operate/rehab these animals”. They are doing exactly what the people ask them to do, now you can watch his fall from grace….

    • I assumed you knew, AC, but it seems you did not know this website is Horseracing WRONGS. The everyday abuses that are wrong with the multi-billion dollar racing industry are told here. The hundreds and hundreds of horses that die for this gambling industry are exclaimed here. You see, the public already receives the little bit of “good news” in smatterings here and there….ie, Baffert’s horse won blah blah (and he is still training despite all of the unexplained deaths of his horses), horse XYZ is still alive and doing well after his surgery in which 15 screws and 3 plates were inserted (so now he can move to the breeding shed to live the lonely life of a breeding stallion with the arthritis that will set in prematurely into that patched-up limb)…and so on and so on. Yes, there is plenty of good news…I never miss the Paulick Report. But again, this is Horseracing Wrongs…and it is serving a
      great purpose in educating folks like who I used to be…someone who was enamored with racing. Having my eyes opened through a site such as this one would have been much less painful personally.

      Please be certain to keep coming here to read. I don’t want you to miss a Shedrow Secret story coming in the next month or so. You see, the fact that Toyon Bay won a race 2 weeks after either breaking down or being vanned off (I did not look up his PP’s) in no way discredits what Patrick states on this website. Come back to read it…

  3. To Another Country…again, you take what serves you out of context as evidenced by this statement of yours; “It was said “Owners need to spend the money and operate/rehab these animals”. They are doing exactly what the people ask them to do, now you can watch his fall from grace….”

    And do you REALLY believe those of us who post here – besides possibly those that support racing – were stating this….”Owners need to spend the money and operate/rehab these animals TO RACE THEM AGAIN”??? Quite the contrary, they did NOT do exactly what we would have asked them to do.

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