My Cousin Eddie Dead at Finger Lakes

Because NY is the only state to publicly disclose its breakdowns as they happen, we have to draw inferences on the rest of the nation’s “vanned off.” But consider this: Today, the Gaming Commission announced the death of a 3rd (of 3) Finger Lakes ambulance-rider from Saturday. 5-year-old My Cousin Eddie, who “returned sore and was vanned off” after the 2nd race, is but a carcass now, joining comrades Magestick Tomahawk and Irish Lady. With these, Finger Lakes boasts 38 kills this year (and 44 in 2012). This is horseracing.

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  1. Nothing short of outrageous. But, of course, it is so pitiful that this suffering goes on unabated.. I guess animal abuse laws do not apply to racing.

  2. And My Cousin Eddie’s last race wasn’t his only race where he was vanned off….in just his second start, the Eddington gelding was vanned off after his last place finish. He didn’t race again until 15 months later…then nearly every month until his death, he raced TWICE each month. RIP My Cousin Eddie.

  3. Do you know what Eddie’s injury was? Based on a photo I saw of him on Facebook after the trainer claimed him early in the meet, I’m guessing there is something wrong with his left knee. Sad and not surprising. But don’t blame Finger Lakes on its own. This track is more or less the dumping ground of NYRA trainers … rather send them here for 4k and hope to lose them than to find them a home on Long Island. It’s easier that way — and it makes it tougher for US to handle the glut of TBs up here who need good homes.

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