2 Vanned Off Saturday Confirmed Dead

Two of the horses listed on this weekend’s ambulance report are confirmed dead. Again, thanks to NYS’s unique database, we know that Magestick Tomahawk and Irish Lady, both of whom fell at Finger Lakes (where else?), never made it out of the arena.

3-year-old Magestick Tomahawk, an “eased DNF” at Calder in May, “fx LF fetlock.”
6-year-old Irish Lady “faltered unseating rider – open fx bilateral sesamoids and ruptured suspensory – sedated then euthanized on track.”

Irish Lady is trainer Chris Englehart’s 5th death in NY this year and 22nd of his career.

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Finger Lakes 2013: 36 and counting…

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  1. It just goes to show the owners who have Englehart as their trainer are of the same mindset as he…they do not care a whit about the horse. Are these deaths looked into in terms of drugs administered and soundness of these horses. I sincerely doubt it. This so called sport needs to die, not the horses. Way too many bad actors are involved, top to bottom.

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