Fri-Sun: 20 Horses Down

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this weekend.

6-year-old South West Target, Delta Downs, race 1
3-year-old Business Venture, Golden Gate Fields, race 2
3-year-old Keystone Belle, Mountaineer, race 6 (bled)
4-year-old Despinas Desire, Mountaineer, race 7
6-year-old Ready for Flight, Thistledown, race 7 (broke down)

5-year-old Sin Freno, Calder, race 5 (broke down)
5-year-old Kelyo, Charles Town, race 1
5-year-old My Cousin Eddie, Finger Lakes, race 2
3-year-old Magestick Tomahawk, Finger Lakes, race 3
6-year-old Irish Lady, Finger Lakes, race 7
4-year-old Mikes Fast Dash, Lone Star, race 3 (“went wrong, fell,” DNF)
3-year-old Royal Snoqualimie, Los Alamitos, race 8
11-year-old Meadow Vespers, Thistledown, race 1 (bled)
5-year-old Lucky Leslie, Thistledown, race 3 (“pulled up lame”)
4-year-old Princess Zaneta, Thistledown, race 3 (bled)
4-year-old Mr Corona Blue (after winning), Turf Paradise, race 1
3-year-old Halo’s Iron Loop, Zia, race 9

2-year-old Enhanced (1st career start), Churchill Downs, race 1
6-year-old Music Conductor, Thistledown, race 6
2-year-old Fonzerelli, Zia, race 7



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  1. How can the industry rationalize such carnage ? It is so outrageous and disheartening to see this continue unabated.

    • I AGREE, this world needs to CHANGE the way animals are viewed, as garbage to do with as we please. We have to STOP being such a sick unkind cruel society. WE HAVE TO CHANGE.

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