3 Die Yesterday at Belmont

The following perished on Long Island yesterday – Belmont’s 30th, 31st, and 32nd victims of the year:

9-year-old Hewitts, “euthanized after suffering a fracture to his right femur after unseating his exercise rider on the pony track and hitting stationary object.”

2-year-old Polecat, “euthanized after suffering a fracture to his left front leg while breezing on the main track.”

2-year-old Poppo, “suffered a fracture to his right front leg while breezing on the main track…euthanized on the track.”

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  1. In this ugly business I have to say these are the “lucky” ones if one considers, more often than not, the years of drugging and abuse awaiting the 2 year olds but the 9 year old probably should gave been already retired instead of going stable to stable in the ugly abusive downward spiral of the claiming game. He had already earned over $400,000 and started over 50 times in 6yrs at various tracks from CA to NY. There is no feeling or mercy for horses in this so called sport. I did say he should have been retired but most of these geldings go to retirement on the trucks to Hell !

    • I agree with you, Rose. There are so many horses, that can no longer race, looking for a good home. The numbers are staggering. However, all the horses that put their lives on the line every time they hit the track are deserving. It doesn’t matter to me if they have won $400,000 or $4,000. There is nothing sportsmanlike about racing. It is gambling and all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

      • I feel the same re. money earned. However, the reason I mentioned the $400,000 was to further illustrate the total disregard for the horse even though they may have earned the owner substantial money. When the earning power decreases it is ” put him in a claimer”, the disposal system for horses on the decline. It says sooo much about the owners in this business !!

  2. the saddest part is, it will continue as long as people keep going, and watching, and keep betting money, and as long as there are “gamblers” and big money involved, horses will continue to die, all in the name of entertainment ! the “general” public doesnt know what this “industry” is like, behind the scenes, and what happens to the “duds” when they cant, wont, or arent any good at racing anymore. only took one “breakdown” to steer me away from watching another race, ever again.

  3. I have no excuse for the two year olds. I can assume total mismanagement. The 9yo?? He got loose and ran into something, or that is what it seems. How many horses off the track in NY had accidents that killed or injured them?? Accident, maybe the saddle slipped who knows. Does that one really belong with the other two???

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