King Keene Dead at Finger Lakes

King Keene, four, has died at Finger Lakes from post-surgery “complications.” This marks the 33rd death at Finger Lakes this year, making it the state leader. It is also the track’s third “non-racing” death in a row. Is anyone at the Gaming Commission taking notes?

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  1. Attitude : Just a horse, and plenty more where they came from ! This is a “business”, primarily, and “collateral damage” is expected ! It is , first and foremost, all about the money, period.

  2. Seriously, “post-surgery” — why wasn’t this horse at a farm recovering? The racetrack is no place to recover from surgery. Database says “Unresponsive to Pain Medication” which clearly indicates the horse was in pain — so if post surgery and in pain — WHY THE HELL WAS KING KEENE AT THE RACETRACK JONATHAN BUCKLEY????????

  3. Almost everybody who is involved in horseracing needs to stand back and ask themselves if it’s worth all the suffering that is inflicted on these poor young underdeveloped animals. Nobody can say they “love” horses and then stand there and watch them be whipped and drugged so that they will run fast. This sport is no different than dogfighting, it is unjustifiable cruelty and exploitation all for gambling purposes. It is a criminal enterprise and racketeering is involved in this so called blood sport. Felonies are committed almost every time a horse is drugged before a race – Ag.& Mkts – Art. 26, Sec. 361.

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