From Wastage to Dinner Plate

“This is what they are reduced to. After the glory, fame, adulation, they end up on a windy plain at a knackery waiting for a bullet in the head. They communicate with each other. They suffer, they quiver, they shake, they mourn. There is absolutely no dignity for horses who have kept people employed and made them money.” (Ward Young, Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/28/13)

“I do have a soft spot for some horses. But it is business and I can’t afford to get too attached.” (prominent Australian trainer Peter Moody)

In Australia, roughly two-thirds of the 18,000 Thoroughbreds born each year (the second largest “crop” in the world) will never see a starting gate. The “wastage” – an industry term for the young, relatively healthy horses who do not (or no longer) make the cut – usually ends up as part of the 40,000 horses slaughtered annually for dog food and European palates. The Herald article sets the scene:

“It is hard to imagine a more dispiriting place than the Echuca Saleyards, known as “the doggers”. Here, the horses that are not sold as riding horses, or not rescued, go to the kill pens – to be sold as dog meat. Among the depressed, neglected horses with swollen legs, protruding bones and bad hooves are young, beautiful thoroughbreds and yearlings who were not good enough. Distressed and frightened, the whites of their eyes rolling, neither well fed nor cared for, the horses sense that something is very wrong.

Some of the horses comfort each other, others step forward with trust in their huge liquid eyes as the auctioneer comes to them, shouting, and they are sold for $200 to pet-meat knackeries. One horse is so frightened by the noise it tries to leap out of the high metal pen. It is deeply upsetting to see them driven out in trucks bound for the knackery, where they will spend their last minutes on earth in a corrugated iron shed with ‘Fresh Pet Meat’ crudely painted on it. They will be rounded up and taken one by one into the killing box, where they will be shot in front of each other.”

A world away from the $6 million Melbourne Cup…


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    • Amen, Rose! The definition of racing is that it is a sinister and corrupt gambling industry that has little regard for the horses when their productive days are over. Racing industry, are you listening?

  1. That guy is one piece of shit. Don’t blur his face everyone should know who he is.

  2. I wonder what goes on inside this guys head. He has to be mentally ill, depraved or both. Killing defenseless horses day after day has to effect ones brain. And the awful part is, the industry “uses” these individuals to do their dirty work while it goes about making money and satisfying egos. How sick is that ?


  4. this whole thing sickens me to the very core it has to stop how many are going to turn a blind eye while abuse and slaurghter continue …how many will shout loud enough and long enough to b heard we have to keep fighting this to the end this is not humanity its a disgrace these are animals that have trusted/ loved us this how humanity repays them yes shame on us whos gona keep fighting this am in are you???

  5. Jane Evans…I am going to keep fighting! Thank you for continuing to fight, as well!

    This from Horseracing Wrongs only several days ago; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

    Let us stay the course…

    • il continue to fight for them as long as as i have breath in my body there scumbags there not human its also down to us as animal lovers and equine to do whats right that means horse owners not to take there so called loved poneys yo the knackars yard becouse they carnt sell or dont wont take them to a horse sancuary or give to good home if u must do get your vet to humanliy put down not if healthy there are so many pepole willing to take them dont repay them with being slaurghted alive in pain fear were they shake uranate are in a place with the smell of death and abuse hell then you carnt be a true equine lover to subject them to this just for getting cash bk for there pound of flesh i say they are your firend they trust u love u share your pain they feel pain and sadness too anyone who cells for money to a knacker is just as evil how many agree like to hear anyone wont campaian get in touch i need a list of people to bk me am writing to the goverment and peole higher in the foodchain xx

    • thank u x we need more pepole get all our names together send it off all over to bk every course with out it wont hold i have an email janeevans63@googlemail.comif u wish email me if u wont to add name i need to draft it all up type and send but need thousands to do this we could help we need to all get our names resons why it needs to b alk closed down any ideia s be great we need to all do this to make it heard xx

  6. God did not create horses to be treated so cruel They are our partners they are like our children they trust us to take care of them and you stupid sick morons treat them as if they are nothing after all they have been to you……Murderers

  7. Appalling if not surprising, I have been involved in this ‘war’ since the latter 70’s which has been more than half my life. ‘Victory’ in this war requires solidarity convincing the ‘powers’ that speciesism is NOT acceptable and those that support such will not be permitted to endure.

    I am blessed to be caretaker for 20 beautiful, magical, magnificent equine beings that are my primary focus in life. The goal is dispelling human ignorance and arrogance to make a world where ALL sentient beings are viewed and treated a spiritual equals yet magnificently different and unique…

    ~”Once you have adopted such an attitude of infinite interconnectedness, you naturally want to liberate not just yourself but all beings from suffering. The Buddha calls this ‘the conception of the spirit of enlightenment.’ It is the soul of the Bodhisattva, the person who dedicates him-or herself to helping all beings achieve total happiness. When you open to the inevitability of your infinite interconnectedness with other sensitive beings, you develop compassion. You learn to feel empathy for them, to love them, to want their happiness. You want to keep them from suffering, and you do so just as if they were a part of you. You don’t think your behavior makes you special. You don’t congratulate yourself for helping others, just as you won’t congratulate yourself for healing your own leg when you hurt it. It is natural for you to love your leg because it is one with you, and so it is natural for you to love others. You would certainly never harm another being. As the great Buddhist adapt Shantideva (8th century Indian sage) wrote, ‘How wonderful it would be when all beings experience each other as limbs on the one body of life!'” – Robert Thurman, in Infinite Life~

  8. As we all know the horse industry wants this abomination to stay hidden, the industry’s nasty little secret. Therefore, it is up to relatively few to raise public awareness and to keep this fact of unspeakable cruelty front and center.
    Also, some states are enacting laws that would criminalize whistleblowers, regardless of the awful cruelty documented. That should never happen. That is not freedom of speech.

  9. OMG these sick bastards I hope they burn in Hell I will never ever be the same God will make sure you get your just rewards.

  10. Why is the slob’s face blurred out? Does go go home to his kids and wife and tell them how many horses he has butchered today? These people and the owners will not die in peace. Are they proud of him? Never, ever support horseracing and the money it makes… its no different than supporting puppy mills by buying from pet stores…………….animal abuse at its worst!!!!

  11. It is pretty obvious one has to be devoid of a soul to work in a slaughterhouse of any kind. :-(

  12. Man is the most cruel animal on the face in this cruel cold world. Horses and all animals suffer at the hands of man. Will this ever stop. ???? Horses should not be done this way. Gods creatures. What would God say.

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