Belmont, Evangeline, Saratoga Record Deaths

Lavalette Gold imploded after crossing the finish line in Thursday’s 4th race at Belmont, and this time the NYRA cameras couldn’t help but capture the ugliness…around the 1:40 mark (Race Replays, Thursday, Race 4). Dead at three. The video, of course, tells another story, one of cover-up and callousness: While the announcer remains dutifully silent – not a word – on the filly’s fall, which was as plain as the nose on his face, the winner’s people gather for their repugnant photo-shoot, proving once more that common decency in these circles is a commodity, unlike the racehorse itself, in short supply.

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Also Thursday, Quarter Horse Bt My First Picture died after breaking down in the 9th race at Evangeline Downs (Louisiana). Priced at $5,000 before the gun, she is now worth considerably less. And finally, on Wednesday, two-year-old For Riches was destroyed on-track at Saratoga Race Course after “sustaining [an] injury galloping.” Galloping. Just a baby, he had yet to run a race.

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  1. Anything goes in this fine sport ! Whipping is a huge problem among many others. I have seen many jockeys whip horses unmercifully when the horse did not have a chance of even showing. This whipping is clearly a frustration outlet for some of these, mostly, second rate jockeys that have no mercy on these unfortunate horses. Shame on them and the whole racing industry.

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