85 NY Dead at 3/4 Pole

With the deaths of Standardbred Ideal Joe (“possible heart attack” at Vernon Downs) and Thoroughbred Two Comma Guy (while training at Belmont), New York has tallied 85 racehorse deaths through the first 3 quarters of 2013, a statistic not likely to make the “I Love NY” tourism guide.

Finger Lakes: 32
Belmont: 24
Aqueduct: 13
Saratoga Race Course: 8
Buffalo: 2
Vernon: 2
Monticello: 1
Saratoga Gaming: 1
Tioga: 1
Yonkers: 1

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  1. In my opinion, operations should be forced to cease at this racetrack until further notice. Can you imagine the public outrage “if ” 85 football players, 85 tennis players, 85 baseball players, 85 basketball players, 85 golfers, 85 soccer players, 85 relay swimmers died at the same location in less than one year???? This activity no longer qualifies as “sport” at this location. The murder of 85 players in one “activity” …at one location….. in under a year is nothing short of criminal and the this track should be closed. Where is the N.Y. S.P.C.A. ? Where is the Humane Society of N.Y. and why is this madness permitted to continue??

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