Kentucky Hannah Dead at Penn National

Equibase reports that four-year-old Kentucky Hannah, running in yesterday’s 6th race at Penn National, “broke down and fell nearing the turn then was humanely euthanized.” (By the way, to imply that somehow credit is due for ending the misery you – racing – caused is contemptible.) Pity trainer/owner Stephanie Beattie, her earning with Kentucky Hannah had only just begun, and with two wins in four races, the filly was well on her way to becoming a fine revenue stream. To add insult to injury, Beattie is also saddled with disposal costs.

On Tuesday, three-year-old Flashy Eyed Pearl “clipped heels and fell heavily” during the 5th race at Parx. Her status is unknown. That same day at Charles Town, Include Abigail, another pubescent filly, “jostled at the start [of the 9th race], trailed the field then broke down midway on the final turn.” The racing office was unable to update, though I was told that the “jock is fine.” Intentionally, neither Pennsylvania nor West Virginia have NY-type injury/death databases, so kill confirmations are difficult to obtain. This is horseracing.

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  1. There should be a national database for such incidents. This is a glaring problem in this “industry”. Rules and regulations should on a national basis. It should not be left up to the individual states and tracks.

  2. although I do not wish anything bad to a jockey … I simply hate “jockey is fine” statements without mentioning the horse … the jockey does it out of his/ her own free will, knows about the risks, agrees to them …. the horse has no choice, no voice !!
    Those deaths are no “accidents” – the horses are killed !

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