Emma’s Secret Breaks Her Head at Finger Lakes

On Wednesday, Emma’s Secret, a four-year-old filly from Finger Lakes Racetrack, died in what is termed a “non-racing” accident. Apparently, the young horse (roughly the equivalent of a human teenager) “bolted out of [her] stall, out of [the] barn, ran into [a] gate” and suffered “severe head trauma.” She died alone. No family. No friends. Even her “connections” were unfamiliar, having just been claimed on September 17th.


And so the question remains, why? Perhaps the anxiety of having to adjust to yet another “handler” – her 4th in two years – caused a single moment of panic. Then again, this may be nothing more than one horse’s way of saying, “Enough.” Enough. Goodbye, Emma’s Secret. Your shackles of servitude are gone forever.

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  1. Oh Emma’s Secret…I am SO sorry you died so tragically! As Patrick said, alone…with no familiar voice, no familiar smell, nothing. Just a baby. Wrong.

    Thank you Patrick for letting us know Emma’s Secret shared this earth with us. You will not be forgotten, little one.

  2. What a very sad end to a lovely young filly. Four owners in two years was probably so confusing for her. Plus, we do not know how she was treated as she moved from barn to barn. Perhaps she had enough. Also,the story is incomplete because it must have happened at night since she was “alone”. The question then is how did she get out of her stall ? It sure looks like lax security there. Or maybe something else caused her death. Who knows when there are cover ups.

  3. My riding mare, Comedy Flyer had 7 owners in 7 yrs. It took a long time for her to trust & relax. Thoroughbreds do better in a secure environment, as does every other living thing! Racing has become the sport of idiots!

    • Yes, the sport of “idiots” and the sport of “abusers”. Of course, I use the term “sport” very loosely. I continue to applaud the precipitous decline of an industry that has very little regard for the “main” players – the horses!

  4. Hello,

    Is there any more information to be had regarding Emma’s Secret’s tragic death?
    There are so many unanswered questions.
    Where was she, at the race track barns, at the owner’s, the trainer’s?
    What time was she last checked in her stall?

    Who are the authorities that look into “non-racing” deaths such as this.

    Anymore information would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you for your time

  5. or may be we should wonder “what was she on”??? A few years ago we ahd a horse entered at (??) and somebody hit him with something….not only was he so crazy he was scratched but he crashing everywhere with wide eyes and he had to be put on the walker for five hours till it passed…the vets refused to pull blood…I am telling you this is a very “gang,mafia,environnement with vets and officials being “on it”

  6. I trained emma n when she died she was trying to find her way back into my barn she had gotten claim by a killer..I stood next to her unit she passed away bcuz her new trainer/ owner didn’t show up to help her. She was special. RIP…. love you 4ever and ever

    • Oh, how nice of you Nirka.
      How nice of you to stand by your DYING racehorse who was a victim of this despicable industry – the one that you support.
      Oh, but I bet you “loved” her as they all claim while they watch them get used, abused, whipped/beaten, doped, maimed and/or killed.
      You racing apologists are a bunch of demented, sadistic, delusional creeps.

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