Discreet Code Makes it 5 in 4 Days

When I wrote about Belmont’s stellar weekend on Monday, the NYS Gaming Commission had yet to register the Saturday death of a four-year-old named Discreet Code. The gelding, whose last finish was at Saratoga, broke his leg during the 4th race, was “ambulanced off,” and subsequently euthanized. So, in actuality, Belmont Park killed five horses in four days, a pace, surely, NYRA is loath to maintain.

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  1. No Surprise here, trainer BRUCE LEVINE drug-abused my horse and forced him to train on pain-killers until he broke his knee. I reported all the facts to the Gaming Commission based on two sets of signed treatment records from administering veterinarian Gregory Bennett. Gaming Commission’s “investigation” by a good friend of Bruce Levine…..revealed that 18-months after the fact Dr. Bennett said his records were mistaken! So according to the Gaming Commission, Dr. Bennett LIED and FILED FALSE DOCUMENTS WITH NYS. Bennett, Hunt, and Levine did all admit that ALL of the drugs they pumped into my horse [w/out my consent/authorization] were normal part of training in the barn of Bruce Levine. Bute, Banamine, Naquasone, Clenbuterol, and glycopyrrolate…to name a few. For what it’s worth I am writing a book to present the facts.

    Sadly, two more beautiful thoroughbreds died while training on the 15th at Belmont Park. Attenborough trainer Chris Englehart, and 8YO Maui Mark trained by Bob Hess.

    • No surprise here, Susan. Get the drugs out of racing or shut down this so called “sport”. I use the term “sport” very loosely. I do believe it is a sport for the humans that support it but it isn’t a sport for the horses who are drugged in order to make a few bucks for those who participate in this sinister and corrupt industry.

    • Susan,
      hopefully your book will be read by so many people that “the industry” finally has to listen !

    • I’m sorry to hear about your horse. These trainers can only drug the horses, they are not true trainers. The situation is a disgrace to the industry. The racing industry is riddled with crime and there is very little if anything done about it. There is outrageous animal abuse, cheating, and “stealing” from unwary owners as well as lives put at risk by “medicating” and running unsound horses. The Security and Exchange Commission will bring the financial sector cheaters to justice but lives are not put at risk like in the racing industry. There is a huge need for a national racing commission with uniform rules as well as uniform consequences for breaking the rules.

      I have heard the purses will be substantial this winter at Aqueduct. I shudder to think of what the result of that will be.

  2. Even if you leave the drugs out, I doubt that no mre horses will die on the track/ during training or send to slaughter …
    Just quit the breeding, be humane with your animals!

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