Finger Lakes Claims Two More

Wisdom Seeker, yet another seven-year-old forgotten claimer at Finger Lakes Deathtrack, has been euthanized after suffering an undisclosed injury on August 12th. Running in a $4,500 claiming race – the highest level she attained in her 3 1/2-year “career” – for $9,000 in purse money, Wisdom Seeker, Equibase reports, “ducked out at the start bumping with Emotional Trainwreck, saved ground and tired.”

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Jill Golden, four, is also dead at Finger Lakes, euthanized Friday for what’s termed a “non-racing” issue. The filly last raced on June 18th – “no factor and was eased over the wire.” With these two, Finger Lakes can now boast 25 dead horses in the current meet. And just think, we have until December.

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  1. The carnage continues. And no publicity for these “forgotten claimer” because the people in the business do not seem to care.
    Also, two horses broke down in the 9th race at Saratoga yesterday, 25th Aug. The horses were Sarava’s Dancer and Kris Royal. Both horses were euthanized on the track. The jockeys, Rosie Napavrik and Lezcano were uninjured. I hope there will be necropsies performed on these horses. The race continued and was won by a Ramsey horse after a “steward’s inquiry” whatever that means !!

  2. … and … “No Veggies”, Monmoth Park, Aug 24th, 4 year old filly … killed on the track … headline on about the injured jockey, in the text, last sentence “…No Veggies … euthanized ..”. The jockey agreed to take the risk, the filly did NOT ! Killed for fun !

  3. I am asking the public to STOP supporting the racing industry. Do not go to the track and do not bet on the horses until the industry decides to do the right thing for the athletes that put money into the pockets of those that own and train them. As a proud member of the non-racing public, I am sick and tired of picking up the broken bodies of these horses. Do I know what I am talking about? Yes, I do, and $4500 claiming race isn’t the “bottom of the barrel”. Try a $2500 claiming race!

  4. I would like to point out that ALL the warning signs portending catastrophic injury were there for Wisdom Seeker, starting with that 10-month lay-up in 2012 followed by her running twice a month straight off the lay-up (with the exception of July 2013 when she got a whole month to rest). Training on the same garbage juice as all the rest of them, without a doubt. Contrary to all the BS trainers and frontsiders continue to feed the public, a “bad step” does not cause a horse’s suspensory apparatus to collapse. Pre-race vet exams would be a joke if the result wasn’t carnage. There’s a very simple test one can do to see if a horse has suspensory problems. Obviously, nobody bothered with this 7YO mare. Instead, they ran her to death. It’s beyond disgraceful.

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