Charmed Hour’s Last Moments

Following is NYRA’s official replay of Sunday’s 9th race at Saratoga, the one that left a young filly named Charmed Hour dead. The race, of course, was noteworthy because of the bumping going on at the end and ultimately a disqualification. As you watch, please bear in mind two salient points: One, in an 8 1/2-minute video, Charmed Hour was mentioned only once, as bringing up the rear. Nothing on her breakdown. Two, thanks to the controversy, we have been blessed with several slow-motion replays showing, among other things, the incessant whipping administered to the five two-year-olds who did finish. Racing calls them budding stars (this was a Grade II); nature calls them children.

2013 Adirondack Stakes

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  1. Guess she was so Charmed in this hour!!!! @ yr olds should not be racing- let them grow up fully if your gonna run them to death so they have some of life to live before you KILL THEM YOUNG!!!!! this is sickening.

  2. I was at this race, and it was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. The poor horse running down the stretch with its front right leg flopping, held by the skin, past the grandstand. I had been a fan of racing, but this was too much. No animal deserves to die for sport. I also find the lack of coverage and the obviously determined effort of the racing association, and all involved, including the press to cover up these tragedies deplorable and morally corrupt. Combined with the rampant use of drugs to mask pain, running horses too young, lack of real oversight and concern for the horses health, minimal enforcement of laws, not to mention the inhumane slaughter of horses when their ” careers ” are over makes this ” pastime” reprehensible and a sad sad statement about humankind.

    • Thank you for the added insight, Eric. For those of us committed to racing’s destruction, it’s comments like yours that provide no small measure of satisfaction. It means a lot; thank you for sharing.

  3. The Owners were devastated! They loved that filly and if you go to there facebook page Landaluce Stables you will see the same thing. It was horrifying but in every sport tradgety happens. RIP Charmed Hour.

    • Nar, horseracing is many things, but a sport is most certainly not one of them. The “tragedy” here is that Charmed Hour was “owned” and exploited in the first place. And that is what devastates equine advocates every day.

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