Melodeeman, and the Screws That Held Him Together

Melodeeman was a seasoned veteran who had amassed over $250,000 in earnings when he entered the gate at frigid Penn National on January 21, 2010. Running for $18,000 (thanks to racino money) in a $4,000 claiming race, the Thoroughbred, who was, according to an exercise rider, “clearly lame” prior to the race (NY Times, 4/30/12), broke his cannon bone on the homestretch. He was euthanized at the track. The necropsy revealed what his owner (his sixth) and trainer probably already knew: This horse was damaged goods. In addition to degenerative joint disease in both front legs, there was this (graphic). Oh, and he also had the banned sedative fluphenazine in his system. Now we know why.

On a cold winter night in Central Pennsylvania, with only hardcore gamblers there to watch, Melodeeman, almost ten full years into his servitude, died. This is horseracing. (For further reading on the racino effect, see this NY Times article.)

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  1. The owner, trainers and jockey should all have been arrested for animal cruelty! They knew this horse should not have been put into a race and they did it anyway — for greed. Greed is not a justifiable reason to cause the suffering and death of an animal! The problem is, finding a District Attorney who would have the guts to prosecute. The statute of limitations ( only 2 years — thanks to some heartless individuals at the Farm Bureau) has run out on this one, but there are many more horses being raced under the same circumstances… and they too have and will die.

    • No, the DA will not prosecute because it would probably be detrimental to his “career”. This is a scary trend. Where is the integrity !?
      And this situation is not exclusive to racing !

  2. … can just agree with everything sumaxvic says … where is the law? Why does nobody really care? Well, the answer is : GREEDY … people do not care if an anmal suffers if they can make money from it – even if it is a few $$ from the kill buyer …

  3. Penn National, just one of the many horseracing graveyards.

    RIP Melodeeman, you are not forgotten.

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