Saving Baby Equine

This site holds that horseracing, being exploitation of the weaker, is inherently cruel, and no matter the supposed number of “welfare initiatives,” racehorses will continue to suffer and die. All, for $2 bets. But to be fair, there are some current and former insiders working hard at trying to right the many horseracing wrongs, striving to save as many horses as possible from wasting away on some “retirement” farm or having their carotid arteries slashed. One such activist is Jo Anne Normile, co-founder (along with Joy Aten, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, and Larry Lindner) of the equine rescue Saving Baby Equine.


As well as starting CANTER, one of the first organizations dedicated to saving racehorses from ugly ends, Jo Anne is a published author, co-penning the memoir “Saving Baby: How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption.” Just this morning, Jo Anne’s hometown paper, the Observer and Eccentric, ran this article on her life. Nice story, wonderful woman. Jo Anne Normile is a true friend to equines and an advocate we can all admire.

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  1. On behalf of myself and the co-founders of Saving Baby Equine Charity Joy Aten, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, and Larry Lindner, thank you for your kind applause! I am most honored to receive your support and enthusiasm for my memoir about my experiences in Thoroughbred racing as a breeder and racing owner and invite everyone to share with me the life experiences that then ensued. Saving Baby – How One Woman’s Love for a Horse Led to Her Redemption I believe is first and foremost a love story that defines my life and I believe readers will be right there with me! Many whinnies, Jo Anne

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