Allred Horse Killed at Los Alamitos

According to the chart, Cactus Jack finished his race at Los Alamitos Sunday unscathed – albeit last. In fact, we learn from the CHRB, he was injured at some point and euthanized the next day. He was four years old, and this was his 19th time under the whip. Complicit in the kill: breeder/owner Ed Allred (who is also the track owner), trainer Scott Willoughby, jockey Oscar Peinado, and all those who support the U.S. horseracing industry in any way – betting, attending, watching, working in, etc.

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  1. I’m only surprised that the kill of this horse owned by Ed Allred was admitted to on the public record. I’m sure there are many more young horses fatally injured and killed that we don’t know about according to the public record that were owned by Ed Allred.

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