Gee Wiz Dead at Delaware; Another “Vanned Off Lame After Leaving Winner’s Circle”

Gee Wiz, a “vanned off” in the 7th at Delaware Friday, has been confirmed dead. Say the stewards: “took a few bad steps around the far turn, was pulled up, euthanized.” She was two years old; this was her third time under the whip. Complicit in the kill: owner Peregrination Farm, trainer Faith Wilson, jockey Carol Cedeno, and all those who support the U.S. horseracing industry in any way – betting, attending, watching, working in, etc.

The stewards also note this for 4-year-old Providing the day prior: “Horse was vanned off lame after leaving the winner’s circle.” Yes, Providing “won” ($7,800 for her exploiters, Michael Gorham, et al.), was made to pose for celebratory shots, and then, and only then, was she loaded onto the ambulance and vanned away. Oh, and her sale – yes, she was about to change hands – was voided.

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