Another Kill at Golden Gate Today – That’s 5 in 2 Weeks

Hangin At Haven, says the CHRB, was killed training at Golden Gate today. He was two years old and being prepped for his first race. He becomes the fifth dead horse at GG in just the past two weeks. And all the while, the Northern California horsemen keep crying about losing their track. Vile.

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  1. The moral depravity of these people who call themselves horsemen or horsewomen is on display for anyone willing to see it.
    The closing of Golden Gate Killing Fields won’t stop the moral depravity of running Thoroughbreds to literal death in California, because these people will be sacrificing the horses’ lives to their worship of money and ego at a different location.

    • Many of GG horses will most likely end up running at our 1/2 bush league tracks here in Oregon. We detest this industry having been active participants up until 2005 when we walked away while we still could. During this weekends races when horses broke down or suffered great injury there were 70+ people enjoying a catered dinner celebration while the horses were suffering! Disgusting!

      • That reminds me of Keeneland and Del Mar advertising as a place for weddings and such; also, the video on Horseracing Wrongs of the man being interviewed who was having a bachelor party at Saratoga..

  2. Good to see the Bay Area news media is all over this latest Stronach bloodbath. Of course, nothing from the highly-journalistic racing press, whose main ambition is to dodge any and all dead horse references. (Hey! Sounds like another esteemed group we all know that starts with the letter “H.”) Keep up your super-safe Safety measures, horse killers. You’re working wonders, I tell you.

  3. I will go one step further and argue that by allowing this last meet to run its course rather than shut down the track immediately, CHRB has perversely incentivized both owners and trainers to “clean out their inventory”, which best explains the dramatic uptick in casualties, even by “normal” horseracing standards. As usual, business and government work hand in hand to harm the innocent. Both sides are jointly and severally culpable.

  4. That’s a very logical point because they can go ahead and kill their horses and get a tax write-off or whatever other scheme they have up their sleeve sooner.
    This industry is really sickening; if they don’t cause life-ending injuries to their horses sooner, they’ll cause death to their horses later.

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