Two More Harness Kills to Report in NY

As previously relayed, the NYS Gaming Commission is, at a minimum, not firing on all cylinders when it comes to reporting deaths. Now, one of the horses I was suspicious about has been confirmed dead. For months, Mikibytheseaside was merely listed as an “incident” after suffering a “collision at the 3/4 pole” at Saratoga Harness Jul 1. That has finally been updated. Miki, below, was five years old.

Also belatedly disclosed is the training kill of Caffine Ediction with Jog Bike (surely sic, but I wasn’t able to find an accurate spelling) at Vernon Downs Jul 25. While the Commission counts these as kills 69 and 70, my total, garnering several confirmations elsewhere, comes in at 74. As I said, it’s a mess.

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  1. What would the members of the New York State Gaming Commission do if they were not allowed to get away with causing pain, suffering, and death to horses??? They allegedly have a responsibility to oversee the abuse to the horses and supposedly keep the horses safe and yet the ruthless exploitation of Standardbred harness racing horses never stops.

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