5-Year-Old Collapses, Dies at Aqueduct

According to the Gaming Commission, Bowl of Cherries collapsed immediately after the 2nd at Aqueduct yesterday: “pronounced dead, unknown cause at this time.” She was five.

Seemingly ever in damage-control mode these days, NYRA spokesperson Patrick McKenna said this: “NYRA will work with HISA officials and the NYS Equine Medical Director to investigate the circumstances around this unusual sudden death.” “Unusual,” Mr. McKenna? Not, as you full well know, according to our lists.

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  1. I saw a racehorse drop dead all of a sudden at a track in Colorado in 1980 during the race. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw. They replayed every race EXCEPT the one in which the filly dropped dead. I had never seen anything like that before. There was no explanation by the racetrack announer or anyone else. It was a “mystery” that they swept under the rug, so to speak.
    It wasn’t pretty to see a horse being hauled away with all four hooves in the air inside the whatever-they-called-it.

    So naturally in 2023 in New York State one would have to expect the public relations department of the New York Racing Association to mislead the public and the racing fans with a go-to lame excuse and say it’s “unusual” (for a racehorse to drop dead on the racetrack) with Pari-mutuel betting going on.
    It’s hideous cruelty to horses and they don’t care.

    • And the NYRA just got $500 million from NY State to “redevelop” Belmont. Your tax dollars at work!

      • The original figure was $455 Million and two taxpayers filed a lawsuit to block the NY state-backed bond loan.

  2. NYRA’s subterfuge at its finest. This poor mare was practically held together with duct tape and who knows what in her system while in Peter Miller’s So Cal barn before Jacobson’s claim and subsequent shipping east. So, from one known cheater to another (both trainers have multiple, recorded drug violations). And the cross-country trail of death continues with seemingly no end in sight, especially given the amount of claims at the recently concluded Del Mar meet.

    • Just a quick personal note…Senator Dianne Feinstein died today…when I was sending petitions and such on behalf of the horses,her office was always the one I would hear back from the fastest. May she rest in peace.

  3. Sudden death as a type of death in racehorses is not “an act of God” as was claimed by Bob Baffert’s attorney, Clark Brewster, regarding the “sudden death” of MEDINA SPIRIT in a morning workout in California.
    These PROFESSIONAL liars, cheaters and horse-killers should be punished by law and put behind bars. The public subsidization of the horse racing industry is also a public subsidization of this lying, cheating and horse-killing.

    People need to get smart and stop placing bets on racehorses.

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