7-Year-Old Mare Killed at Mountaineer Last Night

The 2nd at Mountaineer last night for 7-year-old Who U Gonna Call: “…swept past from mid track late, injured pulling up…euthanized on track.” And that’s that. All was not lost for the mare’s exploiters (Bruno Schickedanz, Juan Carlos Gotera, Joam Toledo, et al.) though, for before going out she “won” the race and along with that a tidy sum of $6,380.

This is horseracing.

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    • I seriously wonder if they thought of her as a “rat” and were cheering that she won some money for them on her way out. I seriously wonder if they were cheering that they got rid of a “rat” and are glad that they won’t have to keep her in their racing stable anymore (as if they think they are better than the horse).

  1. was Bruno Schnickendaz the owner or something to Wake at Noon? gelding returned to the racetrack because he was “Shooting blanks” at stud and had been successful in his prime, having won a lot of money for his people, but in an effort to “Squeeze the lemon dry”, he was returned to the racetrack over 10 yrs of age, and of course broke down and had a miserable death. Bastard.

  2. addendum: of course he wasnt a gelding, he was a stallion, My mistake because he was returned to the races at such an advanced age.

  3. Thank you, Jill, for making the correction although somehow I didn’t exactly catch the mistake until you made the correction. So the horse named WAKE AT NOON was not successful at stud and was returned to racing to be exploited to death; literally to death.

  4. Yes. and it was the same owner, and Wake At Noon had been a HOTY in Canada and had won over 1 million dollars for that SOB, ;but evidentally it wasn’t enough, and he was snuck into the racetrack when he was 13 y.o. for a possible “come back”, and broke down during practice on the track. Afterwards there was a big thing about how this ever happened, since they did not even allow horses older than 10yrs of age to be there, and they believed somebody snuck him into the track).; This Bruno fellow has a terrible history of abuse, and after that happened (around 2007 or sometime around then), he was ruled off of Woodbine.. And unfortunately according to this latest post, this man is still abusing horses. What a travesty.

  5. It is so cruel to exploit horses this way-putting them through cruelty and death for a measly $6,380. The owner has no shame. The poor horse deserves a better life. Horseracing must end!

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