“Euthanized on Track After the Race”

The full chart note for Tout Ensemble at Mountaineer last night: “Tout Ensemble was euthanized on track after the race.” That’s it. Short and sweet. By the way, for those who may argue that this was but a cheap horse at a cheap track (as if that matters in any way), consider that Tout started her “career” at Saratoga, Belmont, and Gulfstream.

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  1. This is one horse that appears to have been one of those horses that was an “investment” in some rich guy’s “stock portfolio” and was “moved along” into the claiming ranks. This is what horses mean to arrogant rich people.
    This is why it must be recognized by the majority of the general population that this industry is unacceptable cruelty to horses AND that all “corporate welfare” to this morally depraved industry must be terminated.

  2. The life of every horse matters. From claimers to champions, from thoroughbreds to wild mustangs, they are noble beasts, gifts from God. They plowed our fields, carried men into battle and settlers to new horizons. They were once an intricate part of our lives, invaluable, the difference between survival and death. This country was built on the blood and sweat of equines and what we are doing to them now is an absolute sin on every level.

  3. Every day when I check my email, I get a post from Horseracing Wrongs. It is always about a horse(s) killed on the track or during a training session.

    How is this not a crime?

    Not one legitimate sport would tolerate the death of an athlete! Horse Racing kills daily and sometimes with multiple deaths!

  4. These constant deaths of horses in this cruel sport should be considered criminal. Those responsible for this abuse and death of horses should be prosecuted for animal cruelty and put in jail.

  5. I stumbled onto some websites about New York City’s carriage horses. These poor horses are also the recipients of horrendous torture. Some, if not most, are older … have already spent their lives pulling carts or in some other form of slavery. They are housed in abhorrent stables, some so small they can’t even lay down. Probably most are emaciated. Some already have leg and hoof issues/injuries yet they are forced everyday to be strapped up to a carriage, hit the pavement (literally pavement) and pull tourists in heavy traffic for a few bucks for their owners. No matter the weather … heat, rain, snow, ice … they must go on for hours and days. They fall in the streets and are whipped and pulled to get back up (read about Ryder). There have been attempts to ban carriage horses from the streets of NYC and replace with horseless carriages but the city’s politicians have yet to give enough votes to act. Sounds like the racing industry…politics and money. Remember Black Beauty. Anna Sewell wrote that almost 150 years ago yet what has changed? Not much. For such an advanced society, some continue to abuse horses that have served us for thousands of years. We are suppose to be the caretakers of God’s creatures. I am ashamed of our society. Something must be done for all horses. Yes, they all matter. Sorry for the rant and I know this is not about the plight of race horses, but I only have you good people to tell this to as many do not want to hear and I need to get it off my heavy chest. Thanks for your patience.

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