A Kill at Batavia Yesterday and No One (Except Us) Cares

Sbd Corazon, says the Gaming Commission, “took a bad step and went down” in the 1st at Batavia yesterday – “shattered pastern, not repairable, euthanized.” He was six years old. On another note, this kill will only be covered here, for, tragically, the media simply does not care about the poor Standardbreds (nor, for that matter, the vast majority of Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse victims).

In other news, at Ruidoso yesterday 3-year-old Chimera was a “bled [pulmonary hemorrhage], vanned off.” In the race that immediately preceded this one, Jul 16 also at Ruidoso, Chimera was, you guessed it, “vanned off.” Her primary abusers: breeder/owner Linda Loftis-Tobias, trainer Heath Taylor.

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  1. No, Sbd Corazon didn’t take a “bad step”. He was pushed beyond endurance. Resulting in a fatal injury in his youth. I call it “murder”. Thank you for covering him, Patrick.

    Chimera was another cruelly abused horse, forced to race after apparently never recovering from her injury in July. Too much money to be made to let her rest! Or retire!

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