Two Kills (So Far) at Saratoga on Travers Day

As relayed this morning, HW was out in force – 60 activists – today in front of Saratoga Race Course. Now maybe some of those patrons will remember us. In the 5th race, says the chartwriter, “Nobel…lacked the needed kick then suffered a catastrophic injury on the gallop out and was euthanized on the course.” He was four.

Four races later, “New York Thunder…drew off into the final furlong, suffered a catastrophic injury outside the sixteenth-pole and fell then was euthanized on the track.” He was three. This is how it looked…

That’s 15 kills at this, perhaps the most prestigious track in North America. Enough said.

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  1. I just saw the replay. Horse #6 Nobel last all the way around. Forced at the end with the whip. They cross the finish. It really looked like he went down on his back quarters. Or dropped dead. And we haven’t even gotten to the main event today. Pray for all to cross finish on all fours

  2. The professional horse exploiters/killers in New York State call the lawsuit against bankrolling this merciless treachery against horses with STATE-BACKED BONDS ($455 Million) “meritless” and then this happens on their big day. It’s obvious to anyone with a reasonable degree of knowledge and intelligence who pays any attention to what is going on in this morally depraved subculture that the lawsuit against bankrolling horseracing is absolutely full of merit!!!!!
    Hopefully, there are more people who have a conscience about the evils done to the horses and stop gambling on racehorses. There are honest and respectable ways to earn money and gambling on racehorses is not one of them.

    • There ae many, many gambling opportunities in the United States today that DO NOT involve sentient beings that invariably, will be injured, maimed or killed.

      For that matter, some of them actually have much better odds of winning money than horse racing. Stop betting on the races. If I did, anyone can.

      • Human athletes have a choice unless they are under the bondage of slavery somehow, but horses bred for racing are born into the bondage of slavery; they don’t have a choice about being used and abused. If horses don’t cut the mustard as viable money earners, they can be sold and shipped to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada.
        It’s obvious enough that we don’t live in a perfect world but it isn’t the standard procedure for thousands of human beings to be treated like a commodity like the way horses are sold to slaughter. Too many horses end up in the slaughter pipeline. Maybe some will get rescued or bailed, but the livestock auctions have many horses to move through their auction yard each week. It’s sickening and heartbreaking at how many older, mostly used up, Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds are available for purchase at the auction yard from a professional horse dealer before they have to move a large group of horses out to make room for the new arrivals being shipped in to be run through the sale ring.

    • The poor horse falling and in the background big as life the pick 5 money amount. I can’t even say it without being deleted.

      • The horse, NEW YORK THUNDER, gruesomely injured and the big sign in the background sums up this nightmare for horses quite well in one picture. I know what you mean about saying something and having it deleted. It would not deter these monsters who abuse horses to literal death, but we definitely hold these horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing people in very low esteem.

        • Hey, I lived in Massachusetts for 25 years and prefer eastern Ma over NY! But of course ANY state that allows racing is supporting animal cruelty.

        • Bonnie, I hope you are referring to NY horse racing and not everyone in NY? I live in NY state, as do Patrick and Nicole, the founders of Horseracing Wrongs, and probably many of the activists who were out at Saratoga yesterday. We all despise horse racing wherever it exists.

  3. Omg if one zooms in on that pic- his leg is pointing in the wrong direction. These are the sites from my years on the track that still haunt me in my sleep. I hope today caused at least a few people to leave and never come back!!

  4. Not a good day for animal lovers. Two tragedies at Saratoga and the passing of Bob Barker.

  5. Also today at Del Mar, Pastor T, a 2-year-old trained by Bob Baffert, suffered a life-ending injury to his right front leg during morning training

  6. Two MORE ghastly, gut-wrenching, televised, horror-show horse fatalities? At a time when this sick game is already circling the drain into animal abuse oblivion? Great work, folks; HISA’s really doing wonders for horse safety.
    (Whatcha got for us next, all you horse-killing kings and queens?)

  7. I don’t follow or support horse racing. It is cruelty to animals!! But while changing channels I happened to witness the horrible tradgedy that took the precious life of NY Thunder. I have been in tears all day and I work in a trauma hospital and see horrific and deadly injuries daily for over 20 years. Some people just do not value any life. Would we accept an employer beating us with a stick to get us to move faster or until we freaking die!? All of it needs to STOP!

  8. Those 5, no nothing, big mouths from NYRA must be real proud of themselves now that these two beautiful, very young horses suffered catastrophic agony and pain for $2.00 bets and day at the races😡. The Universe is sending a clear message about this bloodsport and all these horse deaths….. Saratoga most definitely has blood on its hands😡. Despicable people all around😡

    • Yes, the so-called horsemen that belong to the different organizations (the New York State Gaming Commission, the New York Racing Association, the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and the rest of these types of groups who engage in this pre-meditated abuse and brutality against horses, including the breeding farms) are despicable enough and what makes them even more despicable is getting certain politicians, legislators, and the NYS Governor to agree to bankroll this unacceptable cruelty and killing of horses for racing and wagering handle.

  9. I was a big part of this whole ‘sport’ – note the ‘quotes’ – for many years, and I gambled on horse racing almost daily. Saratoga was always the cream of the crop, so to speak, in the horse racing and betting world.

    Not $2 bets, either. Sometimes I worked with syndicates and we would often pony up thousands of dollars for multiple Pick-6 bets. [For the uninformed, ‘Pick-6’, means you need to pick the winners of 6 consecutive races], and yes, the payouts could be astronomical – we did win, and the winnings are what kept us in the game.

    But this travesty on Travers Day, along with all the others at this meet, as awful as it is, only reaffirms my decision over a year ago to never again place a bet on horse racing. I have since confined my gambling instincts to legal casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City where I know that no sentient being gets hurt or killed.

    I might add that legal casinos don’t cheat, like the horse racing industry does. I urge anyone reading this who still bets on horse racing to stop. If the awful carnage that occurs daily, is not enough to keep you away from this, yes, this extremely barbaric industry, then the cheating alone from the very top trainers on down should be enough for YOU to shut down your wagering on the races. $2 or $2,000 bets – it doesn’t matter. This a crooked, dishonest, corrupt, treacherous, heinous, brutal, savage, vicious, merciless and underhanded business, that no knowledgeable, compassionate and reasonable person should have any part of.

    A year or so ago I would never think I’d be writing down thoughts like these. As most posters on this site know, I’ve never been an animal activist. But, sadly, this is an awful demonstration of horror and murder which, for many reasons I won’t get into here, is only getting worse each day, and I’ve affirmed my decision to longer be a part of it..

    The ‘suits’ at NYRA are no doubt flipping out that their premier, money-making endeavor [Saratoga] is now being marred by these horrendous tragedies that are becoming more and more difficult to hide – and put a positive spin on.

    NYRA, CHRB, KHRC and all the rest – time to face the facts guys, you’re time’s up. The emperor has no clothes. No way to squirm your way out of this one, as “a lie never lives to grow old”.

  10. Actually, Bonnie, I always enjoyed the cool fresh mountain air, the grounds, the night life [well, a while ago, I haven’t been there in some time] the restaurants, the town itself, the shops – and, IMHO, Saratoga is a lovely, quaint, picturesque town – but it’s only marred by the horse racing, which, sadly, is it’s premier industry,,

    But we can agree to disagree.

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