3-Year-Old Holy Moly Abraham Dead at Ellis

Holy Moly Abraham, a “vanned off” in the 8th at Ellis Jul 30, is dead – “catastrophic injury to right foreleg, humanely euthanized,” says the Racing Commission. He was three years old. The complicit: breeder Chris Girdley, owner/trainer Dennis Lovell.

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  1. These people in this egregiously cruel industry in Kentucky have proven they can injure, maim and kill horses at Ellis Park as much as they can injure, maim and kill horses at Churchill Downs. This horse, HOLY MOLY ABRAHAM, most likely won’t be noticed by the ABC NEWS or any other national news media because this wasn’t a high profile top level race. So many horses are injured, maimed and killed by racing in anonymity. It’s sickening!
    Horseracing is cruel and completely unnecessary.

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