Another Kill at Saratoga Today – That’s 4 in 5 Days

In the 4th race at Saratoga just a little while ago, Ever Summer, says the chart, “suffered an injury outside the 1/4 and fell, then was euthanized on the course.” In the same race, Frivole “was pulled up” and eventually “vanned off.” No definitive word yet on her. Ever, by the way, also fell in a race at Aqueduct back in November. She was four years old.

For stately Saratoga, this makes four kills in five days – nine on the summer.

Kaon, May 26 – “yet-to-be-raced horse euthanized”
Ami’s Curlin, Jun 10 – “laminitis in all four feet, euthanized”
Frigid Lady, Jul 15 – “broke RF leg, euthanized”
Winter Son, Jul 20 – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Blame It On Mary, Jul 23 – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Lawful, Aug 2 – “suffered injury, euthanized”
Sopran Basilea, Aug 3 – “injured on gallop-out, euthanized on course”
Maple Leaf Mel, Aug 5 – “fell, euthanized on track”
Ever Summer, Aug 6 – “fell, euthanized on course”

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    • Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like aggressive Irad Ortiz was on Ever Summer as the jockey. One who more and more are suggesting he is going to cause some major problem eventually.

      • What could be more major than what has already occurred? To have a five-horse “spill” and five jockeys go to the hospital??? What is worse than what is already happening?

  1. Some delusional people think saratoga is good, and they are basing that on fact eating out there is overrated expensive 😒 kiddies,as Cindy Adams would say….that’s not how it’s judged

  2. If NYRA was serious about horse safety. they would shut down and figure out what the hell is going on.

    • ny is a pathetic joke, nobody who has a really top young horse says oooh I want to do corny ny circuit. No, they say I’m going to Bob Baffert and California!

    • Agreed. But no one in racing — least of all the high-credibility racing press, the full-time crisis-management marketing teams, and officials with the laughably-titled HISA — is concerned about horse safety. If they were, they’d never have become involved in this sickening slaughterfest in the first place.

  3. Also on Saturday at Saratoga “Glory Road” was pulled up and vanned off from race 3. Trainer Rudy Rodriguez said the horse has arthritis and will be retired. “We’re working on finding him a home,” he said.

    • That’s not all to this story Richard, Glory Road,had been entered 2 consecutive times right before yesterday…both times vet scratched him…then for some inexplicable reason yesterday the vet on duty let him go…and you SEE what result was!!!! I blame the vets.

      • Thinking Rudy the Butcher finally wore down the vet team with his whining. Hope they learned their lesson — though they probably didn’t.
        Any of them now second-guessing their decisions to clear poor Mel and Summer? If so, they’d better not share those regrets in public. (I imagine it’s not their proudest career moment when they help to kill a couple fillies.)

        • My thought is that the decisions they made to pass any of the horses to race were made against their better judgement according to their “School of Veterinary Medicine” education, but they are sadly lacking in empathy for the horses and they get paid to pass horses to perform as though they are/were machines to fill the race cards. That’s why they are in this industry — they’re sadistic and they get paid to keep this egregious cruelty going.

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