Ugliness – 23 Kills, That Is – at Oaklawn Park

Through a FOIA request to the Arkansas Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s only track, Oaklawn, this past season (’22-’23).

Its a Sunny Sunday, Nov 29, training – “open, comminuted cannon fracture – euthanized on track” (two years old, being prepped for debut)

Midnight Mistress, Dec 6, stall – “was being treated for EPM, collapsed and died in stall” (three years old)

Time for Ta Kela, Dec 10, stall – “was being treated for respiratory infection of four-day duration, found unstable, soon collapsed and died” (two years old)

Special Forces, Dec 16, training – “[multiple] fractures; open, comminuted cannon – euthanized on track”

Dallas Volunteer, Dec 22, training – “[multiple] fractures”

Golden Joy, Dec 30, stall – “horse found dead at 4 am – colic due to chronic gastric ulcers, displaced spleen” (two years old, being prepped for debut)

Divine Hope, Dec 30, racing (euth Jan 1) – “condylar fracture; owner considered surgery [but] was unable to make arrangements over the holiday”

El Tigre Terrible, Jan 6, stall – “horse found dead at 5 am – heart failure” (five years old)

Gentlemen’s Cry, Jan 11, training – “open, comminuted fracture” (two years old, being prepped for debut)

Pappy Wolfe, Feb 13, training – “[multiple] fractures” (two years old)

Bones and Roses, Feb 19, training (euth Feb 23) – “pelvic injury, soft tissue hemorrhages”

Cash Rocket, Feb 19, racing – “[multiple] fractures, flexor tendon completely ruptured”

Sporty Sense (sic), Feb 28, training – “[multiple] complete, comminuted fractures”

Turfy, Mar 4, training – “comminuted humerus fracture”

Lady Demaree, Mar 9, racing – “[multiple] fractures, suspensory ligament ruptured – euthanized on ambulance”

Peaceful Street, Mar 11, racing (euth Mar 14) – “comminuted fracture”

Dreamboat, Mar 11, racing – “collapsed and died past finish line” (two years old)

Saltwater Gypsy, Mar 25, racing – “collapsed and died just past the finish” (two years old)

Amongst Friends, Mar 26, training – “collapsed and died at 6 pole” (four years old)

Twinkling Irish, Apr 14, racing (euth Apr 28) – “lame after race with acute, painful stress fracture; Apr 28, horse found down in stall with open, comminuted fracture [same leg]”

First Empress, Apr 29, racing – “collapsed at 3/16 pole – open cannon fracture, euthanized on track” (chart said “vanned off”)

Mamzooj, Apr 30, racing – “[multiple] fractures – euthanized in ambulance”

Freudian Fate, May 4, racing – “[multiple] fractures”

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