All in a Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races last week.

South Africa “appeared in distress, DNF” at Finger Lakes
Candy Exchange “vanned off” at Thistledown
Touch of Madness “bled” at Delaware
Russian Standard “vanned off” at Hawthorne
Dominar “vanned off” at Thistledown
Frady “went wrong, fell, vanned off” at Belterra
Starship Taxi “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Charles Town
Oak Hill Strong “appeared to go wrong then fell” at Evangeline
Miss Diamond Rich “vanned off” at Horseshoe
Morestride “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized” at Thistledown
Tequila Fog “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Laurel
Karen’s Way “vanned off” at Penn
Fool On a Stool “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Same Old Fears “fell, vanned off” at Saratoga
C Falls “vanned off” at Saratoga
Smoocher “fell, DNF” at Belterra
Strike That “vanned off” at Del Mar
Run Cecil “vanned off” at Ellis
Boldish “vanned off” at Ellis
Hasini “vanned off” at Ellis
Run the Beach “fell, DNF” at Horseshoe
Queen Sheba “returned bleeding from both nostrils” at Laurel
Gaelic Warrior “vanned off” at Louisiana
Dreaming of Toga “vanned off, [euthanized]” at Monmouth
Who’s On the Run “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Westa Waverly “collapsed, vanned off” at Great Falls
Simpson Bay “vanned off” at Hawthorne
Kobe B “vanned off” at Monmouth
Nantasket Beach “vanned off” at Monmouth
Carmon’s Dance “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Blame It On Mary “vanned off, [euthanized]” at Saratoga

While not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our subsequent reporting. “Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: pulmonary hemorrhage.

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