At Least One Kill at Virginia Gold Cup

From the stewards at the Virginia Gold Cup, a steeplechase held this past Saturday: “Tapwood was a faller at the 4th fence from home and vanned off the course. Upon arrival at the stable area, he collapsed and died.” He had just turned five the day before.

In addition, the stewards note, Eagerly “was pulled up lame and vanned off.” And while noting that Gearhead, Going Country, Tomgarrow, Topic Changer, and Tiger to Remember – an additional five horses – “fell,” the stewards say nothing of their fates, only relaying whether the relevant jockeys were “cleared to [continue] riding.”

So with no fewer than six fallen horses, at least one of whom is dead, the stewards still felt it appropriate to write this in conclusion: “The course was in excellent shape. The drastic improvement…since last fall was enthusiastically commented upon by horsemen. The leadership that has been shown by the Great Meadow Foundation is commendable.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. In my opinion, it would be commendable if the laws were changed so these horrendous killings of horses and the abuse that causes the deaths would not be treated as though it’s commendable.
    A punishment of thirty-nine lashes across the backside of every person involved in this egregious cruelty to horses would be commendable. Recognizing publicly that abusing horses to death is completely unacceptable would be commendable.

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