“She Whinnied, Became Ataxic, and Collapsed”

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 4 of that state’s 64 kills last year (previous ones here).

Miss Sugar Hill, Aug 18, Del Mar T
“Horse was working on the main track. As [she] was pulling up, [she] whinnied, became ataxic, and collapsed. Cause of death: exercise-associated pulmonary hemorrhage [both lungs] – hemorrhages severe.” Also: “chronic stomach erosions/ulcers.” Miss Sugar Hill was three years old.

Echosmith, Sep 18, Santa Anita T
“Catastrophic scapular fracture – complete, displaced, severely comminuted; severe hemorrhage of surrounding muscles.” Also: “palmar osteochondral disease; gastric ulceration.” Echosmith was three years old.

Invictatatus, Sep 27, Los Alamitos S
“Horse found down in stall – severe colitis, [euthanized].” Invictatatus was six years old and had been raced 22 times, most recently in April.

January Magic, Oct 27, Los Alamitos T
“Catastrophic humeral fracture – comminuted, complete, displaced; [multiple] ruptures; severe and extensive hemorrhage.” Also: “palmar osteochondral disease [both front limbs].” January Magic was just two years old. Osteochondral disease.

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  1. This INHUMANE TREATMENT of horses and the morally depraved people who do this and have no empathy for the horses should be arrested and punished for the willful and continuous violations of the California Code of General Conduct in Horseracing: causing harm, injuries and death to the horses. It’s very clear that the §1902.5.Animal Welfare law was violated many times over. It’s very clear that the members of the California Horse Racing Board are not protecting the horses. It’s very clear that the members of the CHRB are very greedy and sadistic people to engage in and perpetuate this egregious cruelty, torture, and killing of horses. This whole horse-killing, racketeering industry should BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!
    How is our society better off for allowing these Animal Abusers to continue receiving any public funding to continue the DAILY ABUSE, doping and killing of racehorses? This abuse and killing of horses needs to be stopped.

  2. I forced myself to watch the videos last night of a defenseless human being, Tyre Nichols, being beaten to a bloody pulp, while being restrained, for nothing that he did or deserved.
    I force myself to watch voiceless, defenseless racehorses dying in the dirt while being beaten into a bloody pool of broken bones.
    All of these videos, whether human or animal, display acts that defy humanity.
    None of this is acceptable in a civilized society and all must end.

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