A Measly Wristslap for a Beating That Led to an Open Welt

What’s wrong with horseracing? Well, besides the unremitting solitary confinement, the drugging and doping, the on-track kills, the stall deaths – slaughter – there’s things like this from the Prairie Meadows stewards (via the Racing Commission):

“Having waived his right to present evidence and testimony to the Board, Jockey Shane Laviolette is hereby assessed an administrative penalty of $250.00 for excessive or indiscriminate whipping of his horse, ‘Basic Chance,’ during the running of the ninth race on June 19, 2021. Test barn IRGC veterinarian reported to the Board ‘Basic Chance’ arrived at the test barn with an open welt on his right flank.”

That Shane Laviolette is an animal abuser – and should have been arrested for animal cruelty (except that Iowa, not surprisingly, exempts abuse that occurs at a racetrack) – goes without saying. But a lousy $250 – with no suspension – for “excessive or indiscriminate whipping” that led to an “open welt”? Vile beyond words. By the way, Mr. Laviolette was presumably beating his charge so hard because of the money at stake: In “winning,” the 7-year-old Basic brought home $35,000 (this was the “John Wayne Stakes”) for his people, including, of course, Laviolette.

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  1. Of all the places on the body of a horse, the flanks are among the most sensitive parts. A lot of horses and ponies will kick, buck, or something when they are touched in the flanks. I can’t say what I would like to do this low-life, horse-abusing, money-grubbing jockey. All of the connections deserve severe punishment. All of horseracing deserves to be DEFUNDED and shutdown forever!!!!!

  2. Ah, but the pro racing folks will say the whipping of horses wouldn’t hurt, that it’s just a nerf bar or a pool noodle! It just makes noise. Another industry lie proven here!
    I liked that someone facetiously pointed out that Sherlock, the horse that veered wildly during a race at Los Al the other day, hitting another horse so hard that he knocked his rider off, and then crashed himself through the rail, should’ve had a rider with a whip for “safety”. But then they pointed out, oh wait, the jockey did. And look what happened. So much for the lie of the whips being needed for “safety”.
    This industry just can’t help but make themselves look stupid.

    • That crapola about “softer, kinder” whips… As if there is or ever was anything even remotely kind about whips…

  3. Mr. Laviolette really needs to learn how to properly tip the high-integrity veterinary staff at the IRGC. The going rate is 15 percent for whippings that leave a mark, and 20 percent for open, bleeding whip wounds that require that extra (lack of) observation;(
    “Welt? What welt? Shane just puked a little extra during the race, and some of his vomit ran down the horse’s flank. Next!”

  4. Horses should not be whipped at all! People who are cruel to horses should be punished.

  5. I guess Basic Chance needed some serious “guidance”, right apologists? And honestly, do you know how hard you have to hit a horse with a whip to open the skin?! That sadistic little psycho should be given some “guidance” of his own right in the balls, if he even has any.

  6. Cruel beyond description, horse racing must screech to an end–NOW!

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