Minnesota’s Anonymous Dead, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Minnesota Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Canterbury Park in 2018. The response, however, came with this: “Minnesota veterinary medicine laws prevent us from providing any additional identifying information.” In other words, the victims perished in anonymity.

“racing related”: 8
“training related”: 3
“illness related”: 3
“other”: 2

“total of 16 deceased horses”

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  1. They die in anonymity but gamblers and fans knew their names, ages, pedigrees, breeders, owners, trainers, drugs (the permitted ones), equipment, claiming price tags, and more while they were alive and having bets placed on their order of finish!

    What a farce. What damn fools.

  2. This is beyond sick. ALL COVERUPS and letting criminals get away with MURDER. THIS GOVERNMENT STINKS.

  3. Minnesota must be the most crooked racing state. They are hiding the facts of the carnage—-cowards.

  4. We who care stand in witness that these horses existed and mattered and will not be forgotten…NOT BY US.

  5. I hate, hate ,hate horse raciing…what goes on behind behind close doors her horrific and there is not a reporter on the planet that wi,l take this on and expose it for what it is and there dirty little secerts……😥😥😥😥

  6. I agree with all your comments. Living things should be loved and cared for; not abused. I hope they can be set free.
    Ian Senior, Yorkshire, England.

  7. Death after death after death, racehorses are constantly breaking down and dying and the horseracing industry GLOBALLY does absolutely NOTHING about it.
    It just beggars belief.

  8. Sickening, any human that partakes or condones animal abuse should be harshly dealt with. Preferably removed from the planet. May karma swiftly reach them.

  9. I would like to remind everybody that the states with minimal racing days are doing this to gain access to the hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside in the state coffers for horse racing.
    This has been a standing policy for years and NOBODY not ONE politician has changed this to divert the funds into community essential services.
    The HBPA is almost always instrumental in hiring attorneys and politicians to ensure that the money goes to the “horseman” purses and the only way to do that is to keep these farce tracks going.
    It’s absolutely ridiculous and a total waste of money.
    There are at least 5 states that need to immediately shut down their horse racing and get this rule off the books.
    It’s similar to “coupling” whereby tracks MUST run a horse meet to get their casino license or keep it going.
    Their sole purpose for keeping these farce tracks going is to ensure that the license remains active so that they can possibly tap into sports betting or casino venues.
    If the track license expires then it’s very difficult for them to get it back and the funds revert to the state.
    These tracks are magnets for sore, maimed, and done racehorses who are pulled out of fields and/or bought for next to nothing just to fill a race and keep this sham going.

  10. The horses are held hostage and brutalized by a corrupt gambling business run by mobsters, supported by gambling addicts, and presented to the public as an exciting “sport” where the horses “love” to parrticipate and are treated like kings.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. And the truth is glaringly obvious to by anyone that would take the time to look beyond the rediclious pagentry of the Derby and the hype of the Triple Crown..

    In a perverse way, one has to hand it to a business that cheats and brutalizes it’s athletes while hiding behind behind outrageously deceptive propaganda and lies.

  11. This “anonymity” bullshit is unconstitutional and they would lose if challenged in court.
    Every single strong “AG-Gag” law has been struck down and this will be if challenged in court and then this utterly shameful charade that kills racehorses would be ordered to pay the legal fees.
    I’m so disgusted, sickened, and fed-up with this industry getting away with killing these racehorses.
    They have been operating with total impunity for years and their vile demise will happen.
    It’s just a matter of time, but it’s the politicians now that needs to end this because the public is being exposed to their secrets every single day and the pressure to stop this is mounting – thankfully.

  12. Just saw an article lauding the notorious, Jorge Navarro !!!!!
    It was picked up by the Paulick Report. What a horrible joke this business is.
    Everybody in the business knows what Navarro is, a cheater and abuser, that will do anything he thinks will give him and his “amazing” owners a win, And yet he is presented as an amazingly successful “trainer” OMG !!!
    This is all one needs to know about this very sick business

    • This business rewards dopers, cheaters, and killers of racehorses.
      The racehorses don’t stand a chance to these derelicts and a system that supports them.
      Neither does anybody who runs honestly, plays by the rules, and is under the delusion that this business is fair, and falls for the “we care for them like family members” line.
      They are all bad, every single one of them, and it’s the poor racehorses that pay every step of the way.

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