The Week in Racing

Last week in U.S. Horseracing (Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse only)

Confirmed Killed
Amplify, Laurel
Rise Above It, Thistledown

“Vanned Off” – many, if not most, will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill-reports
Binding, Louisiana
Jonas G., Louisiana
Rockin Pebbles, Mountaineer
Call Po Po, Retama (“pulled up in distress”)
Enuff Bull, Albuquerque
JP Rocker, Canterbury
You’re Dreamin, Delaware
Pat M’s Image, Gulfstream
The Cake Is a Lie, Monmouth
Thatcher Street, Saratoga
Hey Good Lookin, Saratoga
Pee Wee Reese, Del Mar
Sinny Sin Sin, Evangeline
Jazz Man, Monmouth
Sunnysyde, Ruidoso
Wokatee On Fire, Ruidoso
Dreamie, Ruidoso
Jess Let It Be, Ruidoso
Whoop Whoop, Del Mar
Hot Mamma, Louisiana
Gata’s Applause, Monmouth
Brook’s Biz, White Pine
Now Roar, Belterra (“went bad”)
Street Performer, Ellis
Fast Prize Rumor, Ruidoso
One Famous Fdd, Ruidoso
Corona for Tres, Ruidoso
Believe Me Irene, Ruidoso
Behavioral Bias, Saratoga

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Brezno, Presque Isle
Im Jess Special V, Ruidoso (also vanned off)
Tdz Royal Dynasty, Ruidoso (also vanned off)

(source: Equibase)

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