Racing’s Broken Bodies, 1/19/15-1/25/15

The following horses were casualties on American tracks last week. This list, however, includes only raceday victims, for while I’d prefer a more complete reckoning, the training carnage, with but two exceptions (NY, Cal), is almost entirely covered up.

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead:
Hidden Angel, Turf
Trail’satwosteppin, Charles Town
Paramounts Fortune, Sunland

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead:
Sunrise Sail, Mahoning
Southern Flash, Oaklawn
TI Doublegrrr, Sunland
Tantors Dream, Turf
Warrior Forever, Charles Town
Fox Drive, Charles Town
Boston Brute, Delta
My Uncle Frank, Tampa Bay
Miss Macarena, Aqueduct (later confirmed dead)
Luckysdream, Aqueduct
Jake Mo, Oaklawn
Flying Jessica, Hialeah
Kukaluka, Santa Anita
Snaff, Fair Grounds
Springsteen Road, Oaklawn
In for the Money, Sunland
Colstons Leaving U, Louisiana
American Sun, Santa Anita (later confirmed dead)
Get Down Running, Sunland
Cozy Nicole, Turfway

Clever Louise, Mahoning, “returned lame”
Girls Can Fly, Los Alamitos, “stumbled badly,” DNF


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  1. I so wish we could do more for these beautiful horses. I was reading an article on nurse mare foals. Another casuality of the industry.
    Thank you as always for your email

  2. I would like to thank anybody who speaks out about this cruelty circus because horse racing is a multi-billion dollar industry, and they need to exploit the racehorse in order to make profit. They are not about to allow anybody to step in and run things differently. This is a great article because it’s solid evidence that not all is right in the industry, and racehorses are being maimed and killed on a daily basis. This killing is going on in the name of a $2 bet. Countless safety committee meetings, and endless lip service that they are changing for the better. Well, take your blinkers off people it is not better. Things are getting worse for the racehorse. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to a racehorse breaking down, and dying. Solid equine research by reputable vets have concluded that the majority of breakdowns are a result of chronic issues that are either masked with drugs (known or unknown), or never given a chance to fully heal. Let me make something abundantly clear. I want horse racing to shut down. Our society will do just fine without horse racing, but since the powerful horse racing industry will probably never shut down I look for viable options in order to increase a racehorses chance of survival out of the industry. One thing that I’m sure will make a difference, and that’s NO DRUGS into a racehorse on race day. I mean NO DRUGS – ZIPPO. Not one needle, oral, muscular, IV or any type of drug whatsoever. The industry has considered this,but strong opposition has come from the Owner/Trainers who benefit from race day drugs. I mean the ones that are multiple drug violating Trainers who are STILL TRAINING, and never seem to get permanently suspended. If a racehorse can’t pass a lameness exam with no drugs in its system then it shouldn’t be running – period. Another thing that should be banned on race day is the torture tool called the WHIP. Racehorses are usually tired, and sore by the time they reach the stretch, and instead of being allowed to protect themselves they are beaten to perform. This is blatant animal cruelty. Think about it. IF you saw your neighbour beating their dog with a stick you would immediately report it to the local SPCA. So why should the horse racing industry get away with such inhumane, and blatant animal cruelty? It’s outrageous when you think about it. Finally, implementing stringent rules such as a maximum number of starts per lifetime, rest for a minimum of 2 weeks, increase the mandatory number of workouts prior to racing, out of competition drug tests, and vet checks. I’m confident that if all these things were implemented then the rate of breakdowns would decrease. However, the number of entries would decrease as would the wagering, and that’s precisely why the industry doesn’t want to implement obvious changes that are needed in order to further protect the health, and safety of racehorses. Taking this into consideration, it’s blatantly obvious that money is the priority and the racehorse is reduced to nothing more than a profit slave. The racehorse pays every step of the way – literally.

      • Patrick,

        I agree that Racing can be ended for good when enough people are awakened to the abuse and stop supporting the abuse by gambling and attending race track events.

        Speaking of abuse. I think This jockey should be suspended for life,

        there is rampant Jockey abuse that I witnessed at the racetrack on HRTV over the weekend.. Here is one example. This jockey has abused horses repeated and hit his horse in the face with a whip and thrown in jail for beating his dog.

        Chapa Charged With Felony for Alleged ‘Buzzer’ Use 1/26/2015 Paulick Report

        Jockey Roman Chapa has been charged with a felony by the Harris County district attorney in connection with his alleged use of an illegal electrical device while riding Quiet Acceleration to victory in the Richard King Stakes at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas, on Jan. 17.

        Chapa, a 43-year-old resident of Big Spring, Texas, is accused on state charges of unlawful influence on racing after an investigation by Jeffrey Green of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The investigation hinged largely on a photograph, taken by official track photographer Jack Coady, showing what appears to be an object in the jockey’s left hand. As of late Monday afternoon, Chapa had not been taken into custody but bail was set at $10,000.

        Green’s probable cause complaint states that Chapa “unlawfully intentionally and knowingly, with the intent to influence or affect a horse race, use an electrical shocking device designed to increase the speed of and unnaturally stimulate and excite a race animal, namely, a race horse named Quiet Acceleration.”

        On Jan. 19, Texas Racing Commission stewards summarily suspended Chapa pending an investigation and hearing. He was taken off his mounts that day and has not ridden since the Jan. 17 incident. Chapa won with five of his seven mounts during the first two nights of the Sam Houston Race Park meeting.

        Chapa was suspended nine months in 1994 in Texas for using a nail on a Quarter horse during a futurity trial and banned five years in 2007 at Sunland Park in New Mexico for use of an electrical device – also known as a machine, battery or buzzer. He received a $100 fine in 2012 for striking his horse in the face with a whip.

        Unrelated to horse racing, Chapa served 10 days in jail in 2002 after a plea agreement that reduced felony charges of cruelty to animals to a misdemeanor. He was arrested after a Dec. 14, 2001, incident in which police said he “knowingly tortures an animal, namely a dog, by beating it with a strap.”

  3. I saw that Aqueduct is to host the Claiming Championship series, starting 1 March. “Those horses who have run during the winter months will get their chance to shine on a prominent racing day” said Martin Panza, Senior Vice President of Racing Operations for the NYRA.

    Are these people insane or what ?? Aqueduct is killing horses at an alarming rate and this guy announces the track will host the Claiming Championships. I doubt there will be many competitors left at the rate they are being killed. Something is terribly wrong with these people. Have they no shame.

  4. Whether it’s Trainers with Multiple Drug Violations or Jockeys with Multiple Buzzer Violations one thing is abundantly clear: the horse racing industry lets certain people get away with things, and others are targeted. I can tell who is targeted: outspoken people like me. The people who speak out about the abuse is suddenly FINED heavily for no reason, but they find a reason while your watching these dopers, and cheaters get away with everything. This is a corrupt business whereby the racehorse pays every step of the way.

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