Washington’s Dead Racehorses Revealed

Through a “Public Records” request, I have confirmed the following 13 on-track (racing or training) deaths at Emerald Downs in 2014:

5-year-old Pretty Darn Good, Feb 15, training, “neurological”
2-year-old Diamonds n’ Demons, Apr 23, training, humerus fracture
2-year-old Chow Call, May 4, training, humerus fracture
3-year-old Patches Pal, May 11, training, humerus fracture
3-year-old Reflective Glory, May 24, race 6, metacarpal fracture (chart: “fell, vanned”)
7-year-old Miss Cerrochina, May 28, training, metacarpal fracture
3-year-old Sunny’s Included, Jun 21, training, humerus fracture
3-year-old Steal the Show Lo, Jul 4, race 2, “stifle injury” (chart: finished fine)
5-year-old Shame On Em, Jul 11, training, humerus fracture
6-year-old War Prince, Jul 13, race 1, shoulder fracture (chart: “fell, vanned”)
4-year-old Ruler of the Tribe, Jul 13, race 5, slab fracture (chart: “pulled up, vanned”)
2-year-old Bakken Gold, Aug 18, training, sesamoid fracture
3-year-old Tribal Mystic, Sep 20, race 6, “muscular tear” (chart: “walked off”)

In addition, there were 4 what the industry considers “non-racing” deaths:

2-year-old Mimi’s Nieto, May 26, “head injury” in barn
3-year-old Lillysacat, Jul 25, “head injury” in barn
3-year-old Dark Heat, Sep 12, “sick”
6-year-old Stroll for Us, Sep 12, “sick”

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