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Horse Kills at U.S. Tracks

Horseracing Wrongs is a non-profit committed to ending the cruel and deadly horseracing industry in the United States.

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Again, It’s Not Just the Outright Killing

From the stewards at Churchill… Nov 10:”The claim [sale] of Heartbreaker was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List while in test barn.” Nov 12:”The claim [sale] of East Shore was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List while in test barn.” “The claim [sale] of Watasha was voided when horse was placed…

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Two Kills at Churchill Downs, Another One at Golden Gate

From the Churchill Downs stewards: Nov 9: “English Treasure fell approaching the finish and required the assistance of the horse ambulance. It was [later] determined that he had suffered a catastrophic injury to his left foreleg.” Dead. The “he,” by the way, was actually a she. But who can be bothered with details like that….

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Last Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races last week. Under the Knife “vanned off” at Finger LakesField of Courage “took a bad step, euthanized on track” at MountaineerSt Joe “vanned off” at DeltaMoro Flyboy “bled, vanned off” at DeltaGraham’s Cruiser “vanned off” at DeltaYes I’m a Beast “vanned off” at Tampa BaySavage “vanned off”…

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