The NYS Gaming Commission reports two training deaths at Belmont Friday:

4-year-old Police Camp “fell after sustaining injury – euthanized on track.”

8-year-old Mini Muffin “taken off by horse ambulance” – presumably euthanized back in the barn.

Police Camp endured the whip 17 times, most recently December 18; Mini Muffin, 33 times, most recently a last-of-8, 46+ lengths back in a maiden claiming December 2.

This is horseracing.

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Through a request to the New Jersey Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 24 racehorse deaths on New Jersey tracks in 2015. (Unless otherwise noted, fatal injuries were fractures of one kind or another.)

8-year-old Golden Fizz, March 3, Clendining Farms (NJ), training

12-year-old That’s Justice, March 21, Freehold 8

9-year-old GW Gizmo, April 21, Gales Way Farm (NJ), training

4-year-old Moonlight Blaze, May 2, Monmouth, training

3-year-old Exceedingly, May 24, Monmouth 6

4-year-old Wild Faith, May 26, Monmouth, training

6-year-old Ladywood, May 30, Monmouth 12 (euthanized May 31)

8-year-old [illegible name], May 31, Monmouth, training

5-year-old Wild Flash, May 31, Monmouth 11

7-year-old Umbraggio, June 19, Monmouth 5

3-year-old Havana Juile, June 28, Monmouth 1

5-year-old Face the Race, June 28, Monmouth 8

2-year-old Swinging Zealous, July 4, Monmouth, training
“possible cardiac insufficiency”

2-year-old Lady Krew, July 21, Monmouth, training
“cardiac insufficiency”

5-year-old Single Handed, July 24, Monmouth 2

4-year-old Have a Good Laugh, July 25, Monmouth 7
“heart attack or heat prostration”

3-year-old Birthday Girl, July 29, Monmouth, training

2-year-old [illegible name], August 4, Monmouth, training

4-year-old Fake Charm, August 6, Monmouth, training

3-year-old Action Tonight, September 5, Monmouth 2 (euthanized September 8)

7-year-old Lloyd’s Baby, September 12, Clendining Farms (NJ), training

4-year-old Steel N Pack, September 20, Monmouth, training
“cardiovascular collapse”

5-year-old Crafty Chick, October 9, Monmouth, training

3-year-old Runnin Renee, October 24, Meadowlands 1 (euthanized October 25)

In addition, these 7 still-active horses died from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes (Someday On Sunday excepted). While technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

4-year-old Sin City Dancer, May 7, Monmouth

5-year-old Joe Dream, May 9, Tullo Training Center (NJ)

6-year-old Someday On Sunday, May 9, Monmouth (from injury sustained May 8, Penn 9)

3-year-old Lady Lucilla, May 22, Monmouth
“shipped in with shipping fever, abscess, and fluid in lungs”; eventually euthanized

3-year-old Midas Queen, June 20, Monmouth
“euthanized due to non-responsive respiratory infection”

3-year-old Crossing Jordan, August 22, Monmouth

2-year-old Good Bye, October 5, Monmouth
“anaphylactic reaction to vitamin E injection”