Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 59 kills on New Mexico tracks in 2015. (Note: This list does not include horses killed at private farms or off-site training facilities.)

3-year-old Hiclass Local, January 4, Sunland 3
“collapsed and died”

5-year-old Warrens Venedalucy, January 17, Sunland 7

2-year-old Go See Too, January 18, Sunland 7

4-year-old Paramounts Fortune, January 24, Sunland 4

3-year-old Birdie Brew, January 26, Sunland 10

3-year-old Bounty for Devon, January 31, Sunland 10

4-year-old Strawberry Park, February 2, Sunland, training
“cardiac arrest”

3-year-old Saint Rafael, February 6, Sunland, training

3-year-old Wildly Quiet, February 8, Sunland 10

3-year-old Delphia, February 13, Sunland, training

6-year-old Indian Flag, February 13, Sunland 10

4-year-old Penny Ante Cat, February 18, Sunland, training

1-year-old Over the Fence, February 22, Sunland, training

3-year-old Let’s Dance, February 27, Sunland, training

4-year-old Derby Hat, February 27, Sunland 7

2-year-old Wise Option, March 2, Sunland, training
“skull injury – not euthanized, died in paddock”

4-year-old Dandy Guy, March 7, Sunland, training

3-year-old Texas Rapper, March 7, Sunland 8

4-year-old Diabolic Diva, March 9, Sunland 3

3-year-old Hot Dom, March 13, Sunland (pre-race)
“died after post-lasix injection”

3-year-old Sovereign Desire, March 13, Sunland, training

3-year-old Polish Justice, March 14, Sunland 10

2-year-old Stolis Bud, March 28, Sunland 5

4-year-old Criminal Element, March 29, Sunland 7

5-year-old Axle, March 30, Sunland, training

4-year-old There’s a Dream, March 30, Sunland 7 (euthanized April 3)

2-year-old I’ll Be Dom, April 3, Sunland 7

5-year-old Lucy’s Tacos, April 3, Sunland 10

3-year-old Dans Pot of Gold, April 10, Sunland, training

3-year-old Gabis Fortune (probably sic), April 25, Ruidoso, training
“run off track and hit pole – broken hock”

2-year-old Cash in the Wagon, April 27, Ruidoso, training (coming off first start)

4-year-old Devlins Flash Dance, April 29, Albuquerque 1

2-year-old James Bordeaux, May 5, Ruidoso, training
“EIPH” (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage)

3-year-old Jess Special Baby, May 6, Albuquerque 1

4-year-old Red Mills, May 12, Ruidoso, training

3-year-old Fast Down the Track, May 24, Ruidoso 7

4-year-old Phyilming, May 25, Ruidoso, training
“right front knee shattered”

4-year-old Thebiddingisclosed, May 31, Albuquerque 8

6-year-old Zenon’s Star, June 8, Ruidoso 2
“cut LH to coffin bone”

4-year-old Lamar Special, June 12, Albuquerque 5

4-year-old Kicking Bear, June 12, Ruidoso 8

5-year-old Might Be a Eagle, June 14, Ruidoso 5
“broke back and neck” – not euthanized
(Although FOIA document revealed “died on track,” chart merely said “fell, vanned.”)

2-year-old Smiling Seen (probably sic), June 19, Ruidoso, training
“got loose, slid on pavement, hit rail and died”

8-year-old Im Royal Quick, June 20, Ruidoso 7

2-year-old Mo Valiant, July 4, Ruidoso 11
“end of race – died in van” – not euthanized

5-year-old Cut to the Front, July 4, Sunray 2

2-year-old Lethal Sham Bo, July 5, Sunray 1
“spinal injury”

2-year-old Jessa Smoocher, July 10, Ruidoso 10
“carpal collapse”

4-year-old Grace Victoria, July 12, Ruidoso 2
“hit rail”

4-year-old JB Concern, July 13, Ruidoso 6

5-year-old Gallant Version, July 17, Ruidoso 1
“hit rail”

2-year-old Kama Corona, July 31, Ruidoso 3

2-year-old Vf Corona N Fire, August 2, Ruidoso 1 (died next day)

3-year-old Jn Takethehardcash, August 3, Ruidoso 3

7-year-old Flyin Fish, August 9, Ruidoso 8
“horse collapsed [and died] after race”

2-year-old Hot Royal in Rio (probably sic), August 10, Ruidoso, training

2-year-old Rinks Last Rodeo, August 15, Sunray 5
“put down on track”

2-year-old Winners Vision, September 13, Zia 3

8-year-old Al’s Best Boy, September 19, Zia 6

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In addition, these 13 still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes. While technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

5-year-old Change Dancer (probably sic), February 24, Sunland
“death of unknown cause”

8-year-old The Real Rabbit, February 27, Sunland
“hind leg cellulitis”

Brothers Johnanddon (probably sic), March 5, Sunland

2-year-old Wagon #1 (probably sic), March 10, Sunland
“found dead in stall”

2-year-old Mystic Dragon, May 16, Ruidoso
“unknown” – not euthanized, though

7-year-old Speedy Trick, June 20, Ruidoso
“colic – died in stall overnight” – not euthanized

7-year-old Buroing the Cash (probably sic), June 22, Ruidoso
“colic” – not euthanized

2-year-old Mister Dark Eagle, June 23, Ruidoso
“tracheal collapse/trauma”

6-year-old Sanford (perhaps sic), July 10, Ruidoso
“head injury – flipped over backwards”

4-year-old Boy Named Lou, July 20, Ruidoso
“spider bite” – not euthanized

2-year-old Sequoya, July 22, Ruidoso
“colic” – not euthanized

4-year-old Why Not Wine, August 3, Ruidoso
“head injury – flipped”

8-year-old unidentified, August 8, Ruidoso
“colic” – not euthanized