3-year-old Kandoo is dead from a collision at Gulfstream Saturday evening. The kill, of course, was only reported (by multiple outlets) because this was a stakes race (the $75,000 “Melody of Colors”) and the young filly was a high earner ($13,000 a start). The “Gulfstream Park Replay Show,” by the way, completely edited-out the nastiness.

This is horseracing.

Through a request to the Louisiana Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 65 deaths on Louisiana tracks in 2015. This list, however, covers only raceday kills; when I requested training and “non-racing” documentation, I received the following reply from the Commission:

“We do not track or maintain a list of deaths that occur during non-racing hours/training hours as those are more often than not handled between the trainer and their private veterinarian.”

So – the following carnage can easily and reasonably be doubled, if not more.

2-year-old Good Problem, January 7, Delta 6

8-year-old Can’touchthisgal, January 8, Fair Grounds 9

4-year-old Rusty Raven, January 11, Fair Grounds 2

4-year-old Solomon’s Sun, January 12, Fair Grounds 6

3-year-old One Step Higher, January 15, Delta 3

3-year-old Boston Brute, January 21, Delta 2

2-year-old Snaff, January 24, Fair Grounds 3

3-year-old Colstons Leaving U, January 25, Louisiana 7

3-year-old Alexis Charm, January 31, Fair Grounds 1

3-year-old Sergush, February 1, Fair Grounds 2

5-year-old Drew Clear, February 7, Delta 3

5-year-old Strike It Cody, February 9, Louisiana 7

4-year-old I Jus Wana Hav Fun, February 14, Fair Grounds 1

9-year-old Royal Blue Miracle, February 16, Louisiana 2

3-year-old Brendon’s Pic, February 20, Fair Grounds 9

3-year-old Wild Tchoupitoulas, February 21, Fair Grounds 12

2-year-old Indict, February 26, Fair Grounds 7

3-year-old Macho Mia, February 28, Louisiana 5

4-year-old Take It Out Back, March 2, Louisiana 3
“sudden death”

2-year-old Heza Fast Lajolla, March 2, Louisiana 5

3-year-old Mm Paul Revere, March 7, Louisiana 7

3-year-old Leon the Lion Tamer, March 12, Delta 1

3-year-old Lookin At Daisy, March 14, Fair Grounds 4

3-year-old Sheezflippinsexy, March 14, Fair Grounds 11

5-year-old Who Dat Fans, March 15, Fair Grounds 3

3-year-old Mdt Backstreet Bully, March 24, Louisiana 3
“sudden death”

1-year-old Jetrunaway, March 24, Louisiana 4 (first ever race)

3-year-old Starrific Is Ours, April 10, Evangeline 6

6-year-old Wakeup N Dash, April 22, Delta 4

6-year-old Awesome Bandit, April 23, Evangeline 8

3-year-old Tres Coronas Please, May 2, Delta 8

2-year-old Big Chestnut, May 7, Evangeline 1 (first ever race)

4-year-old In a Dispute, May 14, Delta 7

7-year-old Tauphine Pass, May 23, Evangeline 2

4-year-old Pop’s Cajun Gold, May 27, Evangeline 9

4-year-old Mark’s Wings, May 28, Evangeline 5

5-year-old Pickup Man, May 29, Louisiana 7
“sudden death”

4-year-old Ole Pete, June 3, Louisiana 5
“collapsed past the wire”

5-year-old Cajun Cosino, June 5, Delta 3
“went down in gate”

4-year-old Doc’s Son, June 10, Evangeline 4

5-year-old Betty Mc, June 17, Louisiana 4

2-year-old One Fast Jet, July 11, Delta 10

7-year-old Strong and Tough, July 29, Evangeline 6

4-year-old Tribute to Buddy, July 29, Louisiana 5

3-year-old Queen Tracy Afleet, July 30, Louisiana 5

7-year-old Its Champagne Time, August 19, Evangeline 2

4-year-old Jrs Special Feature, August 22, Fair Grounds 3

5-year-old Walk the Tango, September 2, Louisiana 1

3-year-old Jls Alyssas Story, September 5, Fair Grounds 2

3-year-old Contangold, September 17, Louisiana 5

3-year-old Starry Madelyn, September 17, Louisiana 7

3-year-old Tee Tan Stan, October 24, Evangeline 7
“collapsed – bilateral hind limb paralysis”

4-year-old Miss Celeb, October 29, Delta 7

3-year-old Aut’s Maria, October 29, Delta 8

3-year-old Hempin Strut, November 4, Evangeline 2

5-year-old Jb Magnik, November 12, Evangeline 8

3-year-old Beauregard Sopo, November 19, Delta 8

4-year-old Cuban Divide, November 19, Delta 10

4-year-old Richter Con Jar, November 20, Delta 3 (first ever race)

5-year-old Sweet Baby Gaines, November 21, Fair Grounds 6

4-year-old El Tarto, December 4, Delta 10

2-year-old Bayou Banker, December 12, Fair Grounds 11

4-year-old Commander Seul, December 18, Delta 10

5-year-old Carefully Worded, December 26, Delta 7

3-year-old Urtheoneeyelove, December 26, Fair Grounds 6


Dead racehorses from the past two days:

2-year-old Scatoosh broke down “breezing” at Belmont Thursday – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, on track. Trainer, Leah Gyarmati; owner, Treadway Racing.

3-year-old Art of Darkness suffered what the Commission calls an “equine death” in the 12th last night at Buffalo. Trainer, Craig Gilmour; driver, Shawn McDonough.

3-year-old My Pal Lily was “pulled up and euthanized” (Equibase) in the 4th last night at Delta. Trainer, Samuel Breaux; owners, K and T Guidry; jockey, Emanuel Nieves.

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