You can love horses.

You can love horseracing.

You can’t love both.

Horseracing Wrongs is a non-profit committed to ending the cruel and deadly horseracing industry in the United States.

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Cali & Wildfire: A Story of Love

I first met Bill Neal at the 2019 National Animal Rights Conference in Washington, D.C. Bill was there to screen his documentary Long Gone Wild, which gave us both an update on the continuing captivity of the SeaWorld orcas (and the efforts to create a sanctuary where they’d be able to live out their days…

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Media: Please Cover All Industry Kills

A world away from Churchill Downs and the now-familiar names of that track’s recent victims, yet another horse died at a decidedly less-glamourous venue and no one seems to care. According to the chart for the 1st at Mountaineer last night, Trinni Summer “took a bad step” and was subsequently euthanized on the track. He…

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