Through a “New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act,” I have confirmed the following 28 deaths at Ruidoso Downs in 2014:

2-year-old Secretly Dreaming, May 3, training
“scapula – mid-body fracture”

3-year-old Dontchacallnomo, May 3, training
“medial sesamoid fracture”

8-year-old Bye Bye Jess, May 3
“colic” – not euthanized

3-year-old Asophisticatedmomma, May 21
“dropped dead”
“horse was found dead – horse was insured”

3-year-old Comic Slew (sic ?), May 22, training
“fractured left elbow”

3-year-old Dynastys First Call, May 24, Ruidoso 7
“horse died post-race – collapsed – died quickly” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

3-year-old Valle Vidal, May 25, Ruidoso 11
“sesamoids fracture” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

2-year-old Perry Point, May 26, training
“severe EIPH [exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage]” – not euthanized

6-year-old Genes Kokopelli, June 4

2-year-old Princess Marquee, June 7, training
“shoulder fracture”

2-year-old A First Class, June 7, Ruidoso 6
“death – immediately post race – on track!” (yes, exclamation point)

3-year-old Nics First Rainbow, June 9, Ruidoso 5
“fractured sesamoids”

8-year-old Scooper Dee (sic ?), June 12, training
“pastern fracture”

2-year-old Handsome Amigo, June 12, training
“sesamoid fracture”

4-year-old Patron Platinum, June 14, training
“luxation with bilateral sesamoid fractures”

4-year-old Peakaboo Sue, June 23

3-year-old Sms First Dibs, June 24
“found dead”

2-year-old Im’s Home, June 25, training
“head injury”

2-year-old Eyesa Llano, June 27, training
“suspected severe EIPH” – not euthanized

6-year-old Carmon’s Trick, June 27
“found in stall dead”

2-year-old Design by Who, July 3, training
“apparent heart attack – dropped dead during gallop”

2-year-old Jaxtens First Wagon, July 3, Ruidoso 5
“slab fracture – knee” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

2-year-old Finns Huckleberry, July 4, Ruidoso 1
“apparent trauma/fracture of back; loss of use of hind limbs”

2-year-old Hocuspocuss, July 4, Ruidoso 5
“shoulder fracture” (chart merely said “injured, vanned”)

3-year-old Coronas Sportiness, July 5, Ruidoso 12
“slab fracture knee” (chart merely said “bad step, vanned”)

5-year-old Miss Bullette, August 22
“colic” – not euthanized
“Additional Information: Dead”

3-year-old Queen But a King, August 25, Ruidoso 5
(chart merely said “went wrong, vanned”)

2-year-old Ize On a Roll, August 29

To recap, according to the documents, four horses died of either colic or bleeding in the lungs – without euthanasia. Imagine that. In addition, three – yes, three – horses were simply “found dead.” This is New Mexico horseracing.

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Another day, another kill: 4-year-old American Hero is dead after breaking down while “practicing” at Belmont yesterday. He is the 24th horse to die on or at a NYS track this year. The complicit connections: Patrick Quick, Dream Team One Racing Stable, Aracri Stable & Breeding. This is horseracing.

While this page quite obviously focuses on the abuse and killing of active racehorses, when opportunity presents, I do report on “the others.” Wednesday, Blood-Horse carried the obituaries – in separate articles – of a pair of “star” broodmares: 12-year-old Smuggler, April 16; 17-year-old Easter Bunnette, April 18. The former, “complications from foaling”; the latter “hemorrhaged and died after foaling.”

It is the unequivocal position here that no distinction should be made between these deaths and those involving shattered cannons “in-competition”: As long as they are being used – and make no mistake, the breeding shed is but another form of enslavement/exploitation (Blood-Horse called Smuggler a “producer”) – what happens to them is entirely on the industry. In other words, these were no flukes of nature. They were, like poor Elda in the 2nd last night at Penn, Racing kills.

4-year-old Elda is dead – “humanely euthanized,” says Equibase – after breaking down in the 2nd last night at Penn. In all, Elda was put to the whip 17 times; she endured five different trainers in less than 18 months: Robert Hess Jr, Robert Hess Sr, Steven Miyadi, Scott Lake, and Timothy Hooper.

Also from yesterday, 3-year-old Tiz B the One broke down in the 1st at Pimlico and can safely be presumed dead. Trainer, Patricia Farro.

And finally, in the Santa Anita Stewards Minutes for 4/6-4/12, three horses are reported dead – identities, though, withheld. Curiously, while the occasional name (of a dead horse) pops up on these California minutes, I was told by the CHRB’s “Public Records Coordinator” that the “names of deceased horses…is not considered public information that the CHRB is able to provide.”

This is horseracing.