Through a “New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act,” I have confirmed the following 32 deaths at Sunland Park in 2014:

2-year-old Chicks Luv Roses, January 4, Sunland 2
“shattered both [illegible] – put down on track” (chart merely said “fell, vanned”)

3-year-old Bo Bandera, January 4
“small intestinal obstruction/colic”

2-year-old Reality Cat, January 11, Sunland 6
“flipped in saddling paddock, hit head, massive hemorrhage”

3-year-old Bye Bye Jack, January 12, Sunland 4
“slab fracture” (chart said nothing)

4-year-old Cute N Famous, January 12, Sunland 5
“fracture fetlock, complete luxation” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

3-year-old Coolshot, January 14, training
“left shoulder injury”

1-year-old Kruzin Corona Br, January 19, training
“compound fracture cannon bone”

5-year-old Flame to Fame, January 19, Sunland 11
“sesamoid fracture” (chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off”)

5-year-old One Foxy Private, January 21, Sunland 9
“compound fracture” (chart merely said “taken up, vanned off”)

4-year-old Vanessa Flag, January 21, Sunland 9 (yes, that’s 2 in one race)
“fracture fetlock”

2-year-old Tormentada, February 8, Sunland 7
“sesamoid fracture” (chart merely said “eased, vanned off”)

4-year-old Malibu Affair, February 8, Sunland 9
“compound fracture cannon” (chart merely said “fell, lost rider”)

4-year-old Borderland Blues, February 9, Sunland 7
“slab fracture” (chart merely said “clipped heels, vanned off”)

3-year-old Blazin Mean, February 17, training
“fracture tibia”

3-year-old Pressing On, February 18, Sunland 11
“sesamoid fracture” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

2-year-old F M Forty One, February 22, Sunland 9
“fractured sesamoid and luxation of fetlock” (chart merely said “went wrong”)

3-year-old Mighty Grizzly Water, February 25, Sunland 1
“died” after race – not euthanized (chart said nothing)

3-year-old Anotherprettygirl, February 27, training
“broken shoulder”

4-year-old Decoy, March 2, Sunland 9
“lateral and medial forelimb” (chart merely said “went wrong”)

5-year-old Giga Man, March 4, training
“catastrophic collision, likely neck fracture”

2-year-old Intoxication, March 4, training
“busted front left leg”

2-year-old Aquilo, March 4
“dead on arrival”
“Reported By: Maintenance”

4-year-old Dats Dee, March 8, Sunland 10
“carpus” (chart merely said “went wrong”)

2-year-old Playingintherain, March 9, training

6-year-old With a Miracle, March 23, Sunland 7
“sesamoid – complete luxation and fracture” (chart merely said “fell, vanned off”)

4-year-old Shop Keeper, March 25, Sunland 7
“complete fracture and luxation of fetlock” (chart merely said “fell, vanned off”)

3-year-old Travis Weaver, April 4, Sunland 9
“bilateral sesamoids” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

3-year-old Rabbit Steppin, April 11
“colic – Died” not euthanized

6-year-old Im the Preacher, April 13
“colic” not euthanized

3-year-old Call Me Louie, April 15, Sunland 5
“fractured sesamoids and luxation” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

3-year-old Chili Con Queso, April 15, Sunland 8
“bilateral sesamoid fracture” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

5-year-old War Politics, April 15, Sunland 11
“pastern” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

During this relatively short meet, multiple horses died on the same day seven times; on a single card in mid-April, three were killed. And, as was the case with Ruidoso, a pair of horses died of colic – without euthanasia. This is New Mexico horseracing.

It was yet another afternoon of good, clean family entertainment at Parx yesterday (from the Equibase charts):

In the 6th, Magic Soul “…weakened…returned bleeding…”

In the 8th, San Gregoria “was pulled up in apparent distress just before the wire.”

In the 9th, Magic Harbor “…took a bad step and stumbled badly” – did not finish.

And worst of all –

In the 2nd, Candy’s Luck “a bit fractious in the gate…her rider began to ease her up entering the stretch as if she was in distress, she continued to be ridden through the stretch, was roused right handed with a furlong to run, and then was not persevered with thereafter but was ridden back to the unsaddling area lame.”

So – “fractious” in the gate – i.e., she didn’t want to be there; eased “as if in distress” – i.e., the jockey sensed something amiss; “continued to be ridden,” “roused right handed” – i.e., whipped – after being in distress; ridden back “lame.”

Pennsylvania’s “Cruelty to animals” statute reads: “A person commits an offense if he wantonly or cruelly illtreats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care…”

The complicit: first and foremost, jockey David Castillo; trainer Uriah St. Lewis; owners William Battista, Harold Bridgwood.

The following horses were raceday casualties on American tracks last week:

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead
Hooked On the Lady, Penn
Project Mayhem, Charles Town
Sweet Silica, Golden Gate
Maratik, Mountaineer
Prince Ludovic, Winterthur

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead
Tritonk, Mountaineer
Starship Silverado, Indiana
Great Selection, Turf
Dark and Deep, Turf
Devlins Flash Dance, Albuquerque
Childhood Dream, Belmont
Onward Look, Gulfstream
Dancing Texan, Penn
Lots of Cash, Turf
El Grillo, Belmont
Viva Pasqualina, Evangeline
Molten Image, Santa Anita
Letme Serenade You, Charles Town
Sarah Sis, Churchill
Antonia Wish, Fonner
Literary Lady, Penn
Formal Count, Penn
Rip Roarin Ritchie, Arlington
Brazen Falcon, Delta
Tres Coronas Please, Delta
Corgi Prince, Evangeline
Chica Wow Wow, Fonner
Come On Charlie, Gulfstream
I’mlittlebitfamous, Lone Star
My Picasso, Lone Star
Ej Jr, Albuquerque
So So Worth It, Arlington
Private Tanner, Golden Gate
Holly’s Delight, Lone Star
Lookslikeahit, Mountaineer
Pave’s Last Sheik, Turf

Spring Flower, Parx, “flipped in the gate, injuring herself”
Portent, Parx, “stumbled badly,” DNF
It’s Perfect Too, Belmont, “bled”
Angelic Score, Indiana, “returned having bled”
Dr. Copper, Thistledown, “fell,” DNF
Black Pen, Thistledown, “returned sore”
Ocean Boulevard, Belmont, “reported to have bled”
Chant My Name, Belterra, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Ekati’s Phaeton, Churchill, “…but bled”
All D’Night, Parx, “bled profusely from the nostrils”
Jess Sara, Albuquerque, “in distress”
Motor’n Mona, Albuquerque, “bled”
Santos Attitude, Hazel, “DID NOT FINISH”
Devils Pool, Parx, “lame”
Available, Pimlico, “fell,” DNF

horses 008

(source: Equibase)

I have confirmed that 9-year-old Project Mayhem is dead after breaking down in the 8th Friday at Charles Town. The notes for this one are particularly heartrending:

“PROJECT MAYHEM was very reluctant to load, unseated the rider and ran off pre-race, was reluctant to load again once caught, vied inside of the winner around the first turn and broke down on the backstretch.”

“Very reluctant to load…ran off…reluctant to load again once caught…” A short while later – dead. Wretched.

In other news, though “Saratoga” is still several weeks away, the first death of the year there was recorded Friday when, according to the Gaming Commission, 3-year-old You Gotta Believe “unseated [her] rider…ran loose, impaled R Stifle on rail [and was] euthanized.” “Impaled stifle on rail.” Imagine that. The filly had yet to be raced.

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