The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed the training kill – “euthanized on track” – of 4-year-old Otoy yesterday morning at Aqueduct. He is the 28th racehorse to die on or at a NYS track this year.

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Also, the California Horse Racing Board has confirmed the raceday kill – “euthanized on track” – of 6-year-old Sweet Silica last Friday at Golden Gate. The Stewards Minutes note, “Miraculously, the other eight horses were able to avoid the fallen rider and horse.” Miraculous. This is horseracing.

“sudden death prior to race” – “dropped dead after race” – “fell down and died after race” – “flipped in paddock, cracked skull and died”

Through a “New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act,” I have confirmed the following 17 deaths at SunRay Park in 2014:

4-year-old J C Avenue, April 20, SunRay 4
“distal radius fracture”

4-year-old Silvia’s Secret, April 22, training
“sesamoid fracture”

5-year-old Jellena, April 25, SunRay 5
“multiple fractures”

8-year-old Jess So, April 26, SunRay 3
“very serious quarter crack” (chart said finished fine)

5-year-old Me Likey Mikey, April 28, training
“sesamoid fracture”

3-year-old Jaretts Royal Dream, May 2, SunRay 8
“sudden death prior to race” (chart merely said “scratched”)

4-year-old Jesse Lady, May 3, SunRay 3
“slab fracture”

2-year-old Kitellas Gal, May 9, SunRay 4
“fracture + complete luxation”

3-year-old Happy Happy Me, May 13, training
“right shoulder fracture”

3-year-old Blazin Perfect, May 16, SunRay 6
“fracture + complete luxation” (chart said finished fine)

10-year-old Happy Humor, May 16, SunRay 9
“dropped dead after race” (chart said nothing about this)

3-year-old Zoe 14, May 18, SunRay 1
“luxation [of] fetlock”

8-year-old Eastern Gold, May 18, SunRay 5
“fell down and died on [illegible] after race” (chart said nothing about this)

3-year-old Felicias Prettylucky, May 24, SunRay 3
“flipped in paddock, cracked skull and died”

[illegible] Treasure, May 30
“illness of unknown origin”

5-year-old Fenway, June 3, SunRay 4
“fetlock complete luxation”

6-year-old Mint Humor, June 10, SunRay 6
“fractured sesamoid”

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3-year-old Prayer Cloth is dead after breaking down while being trained at Laurel Park Tuesday, this according to the “Racing Manager” for PTK, the horse’s owner. Prayer Cloth’s two races and, ultimately, death were under trainer Dane Kobiskie.

In a tweet, the manager added: “Thank you for sharing your short life with us, Prayer Cloth. We were honored & blessed to have you. You will never be forgotten, sweet girl.” Shameless. This is horseracing.

Saratoga, still several weeks from opening day, notched its second “casualty” of the year Tuesday when, according to the NYS Gaming Commission, 2-year-old Jay Bird “collapsed and died on the training track.” “Sudden death – possible cardiovascular event.” Oh, and the perfunctory “investigation continues.”

While shattered-bone kills are more common, these sudden “cardiovascular” deaths do occur with regularity. Now – on the physical maturation chart, a 2-year-old horse is roughly akin to a 6-year-old child. In other words, something is rotten in Denmark.

The unraced Jay Bird was made by Woodford Thoroughbreds and controlled by Chad Brown. For Brown, this makes six dead horses (Hard To Explain, Tony Manero, Bluember, Poppo, Ludicrous) in NY since 2009.

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