The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Hey Paulie, Charles Town, race 7 (“broke down”)
Music Appeal, Golden Gate, race 6
Linguini, Hawthorne, race 1 (“fell”)
Sharp Trip, Hawthorne, race 3
Iron Stone Ridge, Penn National, race 7
Angel Above, Sunland, race 9 (“pulled up in distress”)
Pb Sandario Babe, Turf, race 1

Cupid’s Messenger, Calder, race 7 (not vanned but “returned bleeding from the nostrils”)
Poster Girl, Tampa Bay, race 9 (“hit rail”)

Mia Missile, Aqueduct, race 4 (“fell heavily”)
Smoking G, Golden Gate, race 9 (not vanned but bled)
Cartel Tease, Hialeah, race 1 (not vanned but bled)
Sisters Girl, Hialeah, race 2 (not vanned but bled)
I’m Done, Laurel, race 3 (“fell”)
Mad Loot, Los Alamitos, race 2 (not reported as vanned but “collapsed after finish”)
Public Defender, Santa Anita, race 7
Truest Legend, Santa Anita, race 8
Streakish, Sunland, race 3
No Secret Bank, Turf, race 1
Haros Jackpot, Turf, race 8
Thabit, Turfway, race 3 (not reported as vanned but “lame”)

Horse Latitudes, Calder, race 8
Assume Nothing, Mountaineer, race 7
Little Miss, Parx, race 8
Kiss Me G Bye, Portland, race 3
Christians Special, Sunland, race 3 (not vanned but “pulled up in distress”)
My Clever Greely, Turfway, race 9

Running in a maiden claiming race yesterday at Aqueduct, 3-year-old Coronate suffered the following calamity: “Coronate unseated his rider after the finish of the race and ran loose through the harrow yard and then jumped the rail leading to the main track and fell over the rail. Coronate was euthanized on the main track.” The colt was ridden by David Cohen, and trained and owned by David Jacobson.

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Tommie Two Toes, Beulah, race 8
Lonesome Kitten, Mountaineer, race 5
Silver N Sassy, Turf, race 6

Spring Rocks, Sunland, race 4

Driven by Solar, Aqueduct, race 8 (confirmed dead)
Stored Away, Charles Town, race 3 (“collapsed post race”)
Lil Ms Razorback, Delta, race 5
Impuregold, Portland, race 5
Smart as Jim, Portland, race 9
Delta Court, Turf, race 6

Blossom’s Trail, Aqueduct, race 7
Gone Before Long, Charles Town, race 9 (“ambulance called but broke loose and ran off”)
Second Lion, Delta, race 6 (“fell suddenly”)
Oh Juliet, Delta, race 8 (not vanned but “returned bleeding from the nose”)
Indigo Theft, Evangeline, race 4
A P Eli, Fair Grounds, race 3

Kentmere, Charles Town, race 1 (not vanned but fell and “ran to the catch pen”)
Ide Be Da General, Fair Grounds, race 7
Saint Goldie Locs, Laurel, race 3 (“lame”)
A P Asset, Laurel, race 5 (not vanned but “pulled up lame”)
Daddys Aja, Sunland, race 5 (“fell”)

Fit to Rule, Hollywood, race 9
Big Bad Bertha, Charles Town, race 5 (“broke down”)
Sequoyah Wells, Fair Grounds, race 2
Fitz Perfectly, Fair Grounds, race 4
Stanley Cup, Fair Grounds, race 12 (“broke down”)
Rockinpop, Gulfstream, race 2 (not vanned but bled)
Impregnable, Los Alamitos, race 5
Thisisforudaddy, Tampa Bay, race 2 (“broke down”)

My Moment, Hawthorne, race 1
First Joe Hemp, Hialeah, race 3
Controlableimpulse, Portland, race 6
Show Me the Glory, Sunland, race 7

7-year-old Driven by Solar was killed at Aqueduct yesterday after fracturing a leg in the 8th race. He was ridden by Manuel Franco, trained by John Toscano Jr, and owned by Joseph Forrest.

Also at Aqueduct, while training this past Saturday, Frau Louise was impaled on a rail after breaking from the gate. Impaled. And finally, Bailey’s Dilemma died at Belmont on Sunday from pleuropneumonia. These three bring NY’s 2013 dead-racehorse total to 119.

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Yesterday, the Breeders’ Cup announced the results of a Lasix study conducted on juveniles at last month’s event, and the apologists surely won’t be happy. In two non-BC races, 2-year-olds were allowed to compete with the drug. Of those 14 horses, 10 (71%) bled, 5 on the higher end of the scale. In the BC juvenile races without Lasix (this was the last year of a Lasix ban at the BC), only 15 of 41 (37%) bled, just 3 on the higher end.

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While true that the study is but a small statistical sampling, this is a debate that should not exist at all: Raceday Lasix is bad for horses, a conclusion reached long ago by reasonable people, not to mention the rest (save Canada) of the racing world. Lasix is not about equine welfare; it comes back, as most things do, to money. The pharmaceuticals, the administering vets, and the trainers (furosemide is a performance-enhancer and may mask other drugs) all (financially) gain from raceday Lasix, at the expense of sentient animals. This is horseracing.