Supernova, the Gaming Commission says, died from, or was euthanized for, “apparent peritonitis” at Saratoga Wednesday. The death, it should be noted, came just two days after a training session. Supernova was two years old and being prepped for his debut.

This is horseracing.

At Ruidoso last evening, two horses “bled” and were “vanned off” in the same race. Nolans Moon (who “won”) and Max Talker are each but two years old, equine babies. The former was under the whip for the very first time; the latter, for just the second. A reminder: “bled” is “exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage” – i.e., they bled from their lungs. And yes, both were on Lasix – so much for that.

The 5th at Canterbury yesterday for Malintent: “suffered an apparent catastrophic injury approaching the 3/16 marker while falling to the track and was vanned off.” Dead, I have confirmed. In that same race, Hpnotiq Rhythm “hit [his] fallen rival,” fell himself – but “was collected and walked off the course” (perhaps because the “van” was already occupied?). Incidentally, just two races back, May 7 at Oaklawn, the 3-year-old Malintent was similarly “vanned off” (after being “rank while attempting to pull up into the turn”). His abusers: Todd Veerhusen, Ronald Westermann.