Saratoga, again. Giuseppe the Great was euthanized today for “severe laminitis.” For those who may try to dismiss this as a “non-racing” casualty – read: “not on us” – that old sleight of hand won’t work anymore. First, any horse who dies whilst still in servitude to the industry is an industry casualty. Full stop. But second, Giuseppe the Great was very much active in this current Saratoga meet: raced twice (after two spring starts at Saratoga’s sister track, Belmont), worked out three times. So yes, Nick Zito, you and all your brethren own this kill, just the same as if Giuseppe had snapped his neck or severed his spine (yes, that happens) out on the track.

Giuseppe makes it 6 dead this week at Saratoga, 9 since last Friday, 15 on the summer. Officially, the track now stands at one over its historical average. In other words, ignore all their blather (“reforms,” “safety initiatives”). Horseracing is inherently cruel and inevitably deadly.

Today is Kentucky Derby Day, a day in which the The Big Lie is at its most obscene. NBC and mint juleps; “The Run for the Roses,” “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” But the truth is, today is but a hollow dog and pony show. Horseracing, everyday horseracing, is cold, violent, and merciless. And here’s another hard truth: Horseracing in America is not 100 disparate companies; it is a single entity. As such, a bet at one track is a bet at all; to patronize one race is to patronize all. In other words, if you support – watch, bet on – today’s race, you make possible the following.

Some of the horses killed at U.S. tracks in 2018, in the words of the industry itself.
(R: Racing, T: Training, S: Stall)

Papa’s Missile, January 10, Penn T
apparent heart attack – expired on track

Jess Call Me J R, January 15, Sunland S
found dead in stall” (two years old)

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, January 16, Santa Anita T
“right forelimb: comminuted, complete, displaced fracture of the metacarpus; innumerable small fragments of bone; two large bone fragments that stayed in place; all articular surfaces of the fetlock…were covered with innumerable small irregular bone fragments; left forelimb: there was an open – 8 cm long skin tearing of the MCIII, with protrusion of a fragment of bone – comminuted, complete, displaced fracture of the MCIII; all articular surfaces of the fetlock…were covered with innumerable small irregular bone fragments” (that’s two broken legs)

Verraco, January 19, Santa Anita R
“right radius/ulna fracture, open, comminuted, complete, displaced, acute, with five major bone fragments, smaller missing fragments; avulsion of ulna from radius; bone fragment protrusion through hemorrhagic, gaping skin tear; pre-existing degenerative joint lesions; gastric ulceration chronic

Dragon Dread, February 14, Monticello S
found deceased in barn stall this morning

Game Piece, February 23, Los Alamitos R
MC3 is completely shattered into 50-100 shards and fragments; four complete fractures through the articular surface; the skin overlying the MC3 is multifocally torn with extensive subcutaneous hemorrhage and protruding shards of bone

Move Bingham, March 2, Sunland T
collision on racetrack with another horse” (see below)

Naevussquall, March 2, Sunland T
collision on racetrack with another horse” (see above)

Every Intention, March 10, Meadowlands S
severe injury to ankle, open wound into fetlock joint – euthanized in pit

Shelby’s Ideal, March 13, Monticello S
found dead following treatment for acute colic the day prior

Portent, March 14, Charles Town R
both ankles fractured [and] dislocated

Boom Boom Bango, March 18, Santa Anita R
“open, comminuted, completed, displaced fracture, MCIII; open, comminuted displaced fracture, medial proximal sesamoid bone; avulsion fracture, lateral proximal sesamoid bone; rupture, intersesamoidean ligament; marked fraying, flexor tendons; marked fraying, suspensory apparatus; marked fraying, straight distal sesamoidean ligament; marked fraying and transection, cruciate sesamoidean ligaments; transection, collateral sesamoidean ligaments; comminuted, complete, displaced fracture of the proximal phalanx; cartilage erosion – chronic [in both front limbs]” (that’s one horse, one death)

Dial Me In, March 23, Santa Anita R
complete, comminuted fracture of the scapula through the neck and distal end of the spine; the major distal fragment is split into two major fragments by a fracture that enters the glenoid and splits the glenoid into halves; the caudal fragment is split into three major fragments longitudinally

Ready Poncho, March 24, Hawthorne T
collapsed dead on track…exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage

Anchor, April 6, Belmont S
horse was found dead in stall

Hazel Ann I Am, April 14, Keeneland R
[two broken legs]

Carulli, April 20, Los Alamitos R
“open, comminuted, complete, displaced condylar fracture with rupture of the articular capsule, annular ligament and collateral fetlock ligaments; open, comminuted, complete, displaced fracture of the medial proximal sesamoid bone with avulsion fracture of the tip and avulsion fracture of the axial surface; rupture of the intersesamoidean ligament; deep gastric ulcers

Xten, April 20, Santa Anita T
“horse collided with another horse, fell; given several hours to attempt to rise, unable to; exhibited tremors post-injury; a severe, comminuted (+40 fragments) fracture of the thoracic vertebrae; extensive hemorrhages in the spinal canal, bones and adjacent skeletal muscle; due to the large numbers of fragments, it was not possible to evaluate for predisposing lesions”

Bs Cartel, April 24, Remington S
found dead in stall – stomach rupture” (two years old)

Mr Dynasty, April 29, Turf T
head trauma – fractured skull, brain bleed

Top Street, May 3, Penn R
horse dropped dead post-race

Formal Summation, May 15, Delaware S
terminally lame: complete cartilage erosion of both front metacarpal IIIs” (five years old)

Terry O Geri, May 18, Belmont S
found dead in stall two days after having colic surgery

Fast Munny, May 19, Santa Anita R
horse was trailing field and suddenly collapsed and expired at the wire – extensive hemorrhages of the left caudal lobe, hemorrhages in multiple organs; chronic gastric erosions/ulcers

Baby Lightweight, May 21, Finger Lakes S
laminitis both front limbs – euthanized” (three years old, yet to be raced)

Right On the Nose, May 28, Remington R
fell, hindquarters wouldn’t move

Major Hit, May 29, Thistledown R
fractured both knees during race

Hokie Fever, May 31, Penn T
open fracture of radius with large fracture piece found on the ground

Tasmania, June 2, Belterra R
fractured both sesamoids, avulsed ligaments, dislocated fetlock joint

Waya Ed, June 2, Santa Anita R
catastrophic fracture of the tibia; several variable size bone fragments within the two main bone fragments; severe tearing and hemorrhage of the muscles

Cash Poor, June 3, Saratoga Harness R
horse collapsed and died after finishing fourth

Amada Rafaela, June 7, Santa Anita R
horse staggered and collapsed, rapid onset of agonal breathing with white mucus membranes [and] large amount of red-tinged froth in the trachea – severe pulmonary hemorrhage; [also:] pelvic fracture, vertebral fractures

My Erin, June 9, Belterra R
fetlock was completely dislocated, open fractures, sesamoids and supporting ligaments completely avulsed

Dauns First Desirio, June 10, Arapahoe R

Divine Order, June 10, Monmouth S
severe colic, toxic, severe pain

Tiffany Diamond, June 17, Santa Anita R
catastrophic fetlock failure – over 40 bone fragments, extensive hemorrhage

Mr. Euro, June 18, Delaware R
[multiple] fractures, complete rupture of the flexor tendon, torn suspensory branches, and an open wound

Dashing Roja, June 23, Pleasanton R
complete rupture of the sesamoidean ligaments

Imperial Legacy, June 30, Los Alamitos R
[multiple] fractures; hemorrhage and fraying of suspensory ligament; rupture of intersesamoidean and palmar annular ligaments; rupture of medial collateral ligament of the fetlock; rupture of medial collateral sesamoidean ligament; gastric ulcers

First Prize Choice, June 30, Wyoming Downs R
collision with rail – catastrophic head injury

Seared, July 8, Los Alamitos R
“pulled up racing, collapsed on ambulance, pulled from ambulance unable to rise: comminuted, complete, displaced fracture with compression of spinal cord

Bookofmatches, July 14, Los Alamitos R
comminuted, complete, displaced fracture of the L5 vertebra with extensive hemorrhages

El Gran Noel, July 19, Penn S
rupture of internal carotid

Lady Jodie Perry, July 21, Ruidoso T
severed tendons and ligament

Bobby Abu Dhabi, July 22, Del Mar T
[multiple] fetlock and cervical fractures

Intrepid Humor, July 28, Arlington T
fracture with lacerated femoral artery

Unusual Kiddy, July 29, Los Alamitos R
fell leaving gate, paralyzed: comminuted fracture of the spine with extensive hemorrhages in the adjacent musculature and connective tissue

Irish Spring, August 4, Del Mar R
fell…dead upon arrival: complete, comminuted, displaced fracture of C3 with complete transection of the spinal cord and extensive hemorrhages

Giant Breeze, August 5, Arlington R
“after racing the horse became recumbent…they got the horse up…it went down and never got up again…severe heat stroke…euthanized”

Get Mad Gracie, August 11, Fairmount R
fractured ankle – shattered

Magic Mangus, August 17, Monmouth R (euthanized August 31)
right dorsal displacement; [also:] laminitis, pneumonia, colic

Sunnysyde, August 17, Ruidoso R
bled, died on way to barn

Happy Andyversary, August 19, Harrah’s R
suffered a seizure and expired

Geremel Hanover, August 21, Plainridge R
fell over another horse, pulmonary hemorrhage, died instantly

Mischief Maker, August 28, Tioga T
shatter[ed] his pastern

Mz Brown, September 2, Del Mar R
catastrophic breakdown of the fetlock; fractures of the proximal sesamoid bones; full thickness, transverse rupture of the palmar annular ligament; full thickness, transverse and longitudinal rupture of the intersesamoidean ligament”

Royal Blessing, September 4, Saratoga S
was found dead in his stall – ileal rupture

Valley Child, September 6, Los Alamitos T
“left front carpus failure, [multiple fractures]; right front carpus failure, [multiple fractures]” (that’s multiple fractures in two legs)

Chazelle, September 6, Penn S
found expired in stall” (three years old)

Bronson, September 8, Kentucky Downs R
multiple fetlock fractures; extensive soft tissue damage; chronic, gastric ulceration

Cool Breeze De Vie, September 8, Tioga R
collapsed and died immediately following the race

Cruzin Wrangler, September 9, Prairie R
tibial fracture, skull fracture, DOA…the result of a mid-race collision

Chloes Smoke N Fame, September 9, Sweetwater Downs R
chest impalement

G P’s Girl, September 20, Arlington R
collapsed on track…horse was in agonal breathing and the mucus membranes were white…stopped breathing within seconds of arrival

Claret Jug, October 4, Remington R
collapsed at the finish line, died two minutes later” (three years old)

St. Barts, October 6, Saratoga T
collapsed – pulmonary hemorrhage

Jess Pure Class, October 14, Turf R
[broke both front legs]

Next Dance, October 17, Keeneland R
“horse pulled up and fell – open, comminuted fracture…numerous small fragments of bone embedded in the connective tissues

Beau Square, October 18, Santa Anita R
[multiple] complete fractures; [multiple] ligament ruptures

Semper Frey, October 21, Hawthorne T
horse went down and was dead before [vet got there]

E Licious, October 26, Penn R
horse collapsed just past the finish line – was dead when vet reached [her]” (three years old)

KJ Henry Michael, October 27, Monticello S
found deceased in stall early morning” (two years old)

Hashtag Fast, October 28, Will Rogers S
found dead in stall – presumed choke

Love to Party, November 8, Charles Town R
shattered MCIII

Andesine, November 11, Aqueduct R
collapsed and died after being unsaddled

Thurman, November 24, Hawthorne R
complete rupture of [multiple] ligaments

Coming in Hot, December 4, Portland R
sudden death/collapse due to circulatory failure

The Last Factor, December 7, Turfway R
[two broken legs]

Unusual Champ, December 12, Turf R
collapse – pulmonary hemorrhage

Printscess Hunt, December 27, Charles Town S
head trauma

Running Wildcat, December 27, Charles Town S
cast in stall, broken jaw

Dead, 1st race at Saratoga today: Samborella, “vanned off” after “winning” – euthanized. She was two years old; this was her second time under the whip. Saratoga has now lost eight horses just since last Friday. What more can I say?

The NYS Gaming Commission has just updated its database and yes, I have three more deaths to report, all at Saratoga: Highly Uncertain, Monday, colic. She was two and had yet to be raced. Zunith Moon, also Monday, fractured leg while training. He, too, was two; he had been raced once. Siena’s Ticket, Wednesday, “severe” laminitis. She was three and coming off a last, 25 lengths back at Saratoga in July.

With this recent barrage (seven in six days), Saratoga now counts 13 dead horses on the summer. For those who may think that high, I remind that this much-celebrated track, considered one of U.S. Racing’s crown jewels, averages 14 deaths a summer (going back to 2009 when the state began making these things public). Imagine that.

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