In the 1st race at Santa Anita yesterday, Pushing Sixty snapped an ankle and is dead. At least one observer noted that she was “fractious” in the gate. Injured even before she started, perhaps? Pushing was four; ’twas her 9th time under the whip. For Santa Anita, this makes 12 kills on the year. For all California tracks, it’s 33. Reform is a ruse, safe racing a lie. Horseracing kills horses. Full stop.

Hez Dashing Ok “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Lady Estelle Cartel “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Babbo Babbo Babbo “vanned off” at Parx
Zoomin for Kisses “vanned off” at Arizona
Rocks Empire “vanned off” at Belterra
Stormy Black “vanned off” at Delta
Mr Copper Wind “vanned off” at Delta
Gran Wildrocky “vanned off” at Charles Town
Sheer Devil “vanned off” at Lone Star
The Maiden Angel “vanned off” at Prairie
Bodemeister Wind “vanned off” at Churchill
Burly Boy “vanned off” at Gulfstream
A Fast Prize “bled, vanned off” at Sam Houston
Favorite Blues Man “vanned off” at Ruidoso

While not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our year-end FOIA reports. But even if death is not the ultimate result, the above are victims nonetheless, suffering painful injuries – in the case of the bleeders, pulmonary hemorrhage – so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold. (For any new confirmed deaths during the week, please see our running annual list.)

Some recent notes from Delaware Park, courtesy of the Delaware Racing Commission.

2nd race May 26: “Ciao Luna was showing signs of heat stroke on the walk back; stewards cut the post parade by 1 minute for heat.”

7th race May 29: “Myquest was vanned off after the race.”

7th race Jun 2: “Food and Wine returned to the winners circle sore…horse will be put on the vets list.”

5th race Jun 5: “Vicarage got down on the track several times suffering from a heat stroke. Dr. Botts and maintenance workers attended to the stricken horse.”

We are profiled in the Times Union – the Capital Region’s (NY) largest newspaper – today (print edition tomorrow): “One man’s war on horse racing.”

Takeaway paragraph: “But I don’t doubt that Battuello is on the winning side of the argument. As the near-disappearance of dog racing and certain circuses shows, the future of animal-based entertainment is dim. Undeniable cultural changes will eventually curb horse racing, too.”