In the 9th at Churchill Thursday, Winning Impression, says Equibase, “took a bad step after the wire [and] broke down.” “Broke Down,” of course, is an age-old industry euphemism for dead. And indeed, the 3-year-old is. Nothing unusual there; what is, especially in Kentucky, is an early confirmation. (I would have eventually gotten that confirmation with my year-end FOIA request.) The reason the racing press is covering this particular kill: Winning’s most recent start came in none other than the Kentucky Derby in September. In other words, his death was noteworthy. Disgusting, but not half as disgusting as the excrement that (as usual) is flowing from his people.

Terry Finley of Winning’s co-owner West Point Thoroughbreds had this to say to BloodHorse: “Simply heartbroken for everyone involved with this very cool horse.” And, lamenting that this was Winning’s first race on turf: “He looked like he really loved the grass.” And then there’s this from Jeff Lifson, also of West Point:

What they will miss, of course, about their “kind, tough warrior” is the cash he brought in: In just 11 “career” races, Winning netted West Point, Pearl Racing (the other owner), and trainer Dallas Stewart over $100,000; even in death, he “won” the group $8,700 (Winning finished 3rd before taking that “bad step”). As I said, disgusting.

Having reported on death #48 at Belmont Park just yesterday, today I give you two more. Unbridled Mischief, Monday – “horse sustained multiple fractures while breezing at the 3/16 pole…euthanized on track.” Red Ice, Tuesday – euthanized for unspecified reasons. Unbridled was three, Red Ice ten.

50 horses killed in just 10 1/2 months at this, one of America’s premier racetracks. For gambling. It is cruelty. It is carnage. It is madness. Tell them, please:

Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
Assembly Speaker Heastie
Majority Leader Cousins
“Domestic Animal Welfare” Committee
NYS State Senators

Belmont Park, already home to 47 dead racehorses this year, has killed again. Beautiful Amaila, a 3-year-old filly who had been put to the whip four times, went down training November 5. Beyond that (quotidian) wickedness, the disclosure (from the Gaming Commission) itself merits a look:

“Beautiful Amailia: sustained injury to it legs euthanized on the track”

First, they spelled her name wrong. Second, they refer to her, a fully sentient being, as an “it” (and can’t even get the grammar right, at that). And third, given that she was euthanized where she lay, why are we only now – one week later – hearing about it? “Love them like their own children”? “Like a death in the family”? Please.

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 2020 kills (previous ones here). (The names were redacted but, paradoxically, the dead had already been identified on the Board’s public database.)

Warren, Jul 2, Los Alamitos S
“colic, distended small intestine, extensive hemorrhages”

This Is Us, Jul 3, Los Alamitos R
“open fracture, complete luxation of the fetlock joint”

Jess Bet Me, Jul 5, Los Alamitos R
“[multiple] fractures, [multiple] complete ruptures”

Lovely Lilia, Jul 11, Del Mar T
“[multiple] fractures; [multiple] severe, complete ruptures”

Alltime Favorite, Jul 11, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jul 13)
“multiple comminuted, displaced fractures; complete rupture of [multiple] ligaments; severe, extensive cartilage loss”

Tacy, Jul 12, Los Alamitos R
“open fracture; complete rupture, [multiple] ligaments; complete rupture, tendon”

The Armenian, Jul 21, Del Mar S
“focal serosal hemorrhages [in] colon”

Snow Pack, Aug 2, Golden Gate R
“catastrophic fetlock breakdown, complete rupture of [multiple] ligaments”

Bf Field Notes, Aug 7, Los Alamitos S
“collided with rail – [multiple] comminuted spine fractures, spinal cord compression, hemorrhage within spinal canal, aortic rupture”

Secret Tonight, Aug 8, Los Alamitos R
“complete fracture of the scapula, severe hemorrhage”

Galaxy Master, Aug 13, Golden Gate S
“horse was tied to back of stall waiting to train, started shaking, collapsed and died – unknown cause” (four years old)

My Sweet Lou, Aug 23, Golden Gate R
“multiple fractures of the RF fetlock, complete rupture of [multiple] ligaments”

Irreproachable, Aug 24, Del Mar T
“[multiple] fractures and ruptures”

Adriatic Son, Aug 27, Los Alamitos S
“found dead in stall – colon rupture with hemorrhage”