From the stewards at Churchill Downs:

Sep 15, California Express “bled, required assistance of ambulance, placed on Vet List”

Sep 18, Paint Me Perfect “finished last and suffered a post-race heatstroke” (two years old, very first race)

Sep 18, Pure Panic “finished 7th and suffered a post-race heatstroke” (three years old)

No word yet on the heatstroke victims.

This is horseracing.

Saturday, the intellectually and emotionally challenged Keri Brion was all geared up for another joyous day of steeplechase abuse, this one at Shawan Downs in Maryland. But alas, four of her horses were vet-scratched, and she’s none too happy about it…

But then this…

Yup, sure are. In addition to your rather bulky past body of work, you had every intention of racing a horse who was in the process of “popping an abscess.” You, like the industry you so proudly call home, are vile. (Brion’s Twitter.)

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse races last week.

“Vanned Off”
Bp Temptmenot at Horseshoe
No One Cares at Prairie
Arch’s Wild at Arapahoe
Victoria’s Dance at Belterra
Fall On the Beach at Horseshoe
Embrace the Grind at Mountaineer
Violent Gigi at Churchill (“after displaying signs of heatstroke”)
E T’s Deuces Wild at Penn
Lester’s Memory at Albuquerque
D Oro’s Gift at Albuquerque
Archiemyboy at Hawthorne
Iowa Club at Prairie
That Big Cowboy at Remington
On a Spree at Churchill (also bled)
Flying Charlie at Los Alamitos
Weasley at Los Alamitos
Missionary Work at Mountaineer

While not all the horses who need an ambulance to get off the track are euthanized, most are, as borne out by our FOIA reports and Killed Lists.

Other “Incidents” (“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: pulmonary hemorrhage)
Evrybodyluvsnorman “pulled up in distress” at Finger Lakes
Little Ms Scarlet “fell, DNF” at Penn
Pissarro’s Mandate “pulled up, DNF” at Remington
Swanage “bled” at Remington
Ludicrous Mode “fell, DNF” at Shawan
Junior Senator “fell, DNF” at Shawan
Shelly Island “fell, DNF” at Pimlico
Kaul Me Dashetta “hit rail, DNF” at Sweetwater