Killed, 2014

The following horses died at U.S. racetracks in 2014. Please note, however, that there are piles of data (dead horses, that is) not available to us: horses injured racing or training and euthanized off-site (i.e., not reportable); the too-badly-damaged euthanized after being taken in by rescues; the dead who simply fall through the cracks of apathetic or slipshod reporting to and from racing commissions.

What’s more, not every state gives us all the data we request. Louisiana, for example, only forwards racing deaths, arguing that training and stall deaths are beyond their purview. And most significant, we have zero access to the horses killed at the over 200 private training facilities strewn across the land. In short, we estimate that over 2,000 racehorses perish in America every year. Over 2,000. For $2 bets.

Horses Killed on or at U.S. Tracks, 2014 (R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall)

Aunt Meanie, Jan 1, Fair Grounds R
Time for Alex, Jan 1, Turfway R
Uncle Smokey, Jan 2, Aqueduct R
Shand, Jan 2, Santa Anita R
Honor Thy Wife, Jan 3, Turf R (euthanized Jan 6)
Sassy Cherokee, Jan 4, Charles Town R
Classic Ford, Jan 4, Fair Grounds R
Side Street, Jan 4, Gulfstream R
Caixa Eletronica, Jan 4, Belmont T
Six Drivers, Jan 4, Belmont T
Doughtie Cash, Jan 4, Delta R
Bo Bandera, Jan 4, Sunland S
Chicks Luv Roses, Jan 4, Sunland R
Blonde for Ever, Jan 6, Parx R
Clodhopper, Jan 6, Turf R
Good Mother Fran, Jan 6, Gulfstream T
Big Pancho’s Star, Jan 7, Turf T
Practice Squad, Jan 8, Delta R
Stout Heart, Jan 8, Delta R
Favorite Meeting, Jan 8, Turf T
Devils Afleet, Jan 8, Turf R
Covenant Keeper, Jan 9, Charles Town T
Country Warning, Jan 9, Charles Town T
Casey Lynn, Jan 9, Delta R
Battle Silk, Jan 9, Delta R
Skip the Limit, Jan 11, Charles Town R
Reality Cat, Jan 11, Sunland R
Golden Archway, Jan 11, Tampa Bay R
Elite Boutique, Jan 11, Turf R (euthanized Jan 14)
Stormy Surge, Jan 12, Golden Gate T
Bye Bye Jack, Jan 12, Sunland R
Cute N Famous, Jan 12, Sunland R
Shertzer, Jan 13, Belmont S
Go Canes Go, Jan 13, Belmont T
Grab Your Partner, Jan 13, Tampa Bay T
Mystery Taste, Jan 14, Beulah R
Scootin Keefe, Jan 14, Scarborough S (injured in a previous NY race)
Coolshot, Jan 14, Sunland T
Mr. Oz, Jan 15, Tampa Bay R
Past Glory, Jan 16, Charles Town R
Forgot to Duck, Jan 16, Golden Gate T
Zesty Perry, Jan 16, Hialeah T
The Mikester, Jan 16, Penn R
Jmf La Panchista, Jan 17, Hialeah R
Sporting Gent, Jan 17, Turfway R
Actin Lucky, Jan 18, Charles Town R
Diplomatic Gal, Jan 18, Charles Town R
Lucky Cowgirl, Jan 18, Gulfstream T
More Nuggets, Jan 18, Hialeah R
Trick the Queen, Jan 18, Laurel R
Longevity, Jan 18, Oaklawn R
A Boy Named Em, Jan 18, Penn R
Kruzin Corona Br, Jan 19, Sunland T
Flame to Fame, Jan 19, Sunland R
Hot Event, Jan 20, Charles Town S
Top Data, Jan 20, Fair Grounds R
Soul Searcher, Jan 20, Golden Gate R
Raised for Speed, Jan 20, Gulfstream R
Suzzona, Jan 20, Gulfstream R
Hey Dirty Face, Jan 21, Calder T
One Foxy Private, Jan 21, Sunland R
Vanessa Flag, Jan 21, Sunland R
Horizonbound, Jan 21, Turf R
Weis Star, Jan 22, Belmont S
Holleran, Jan 22, Beulah R
Hickissippi, Jan 23, Fair Grounds R
Miss Go Free, Jan 24, Golden Gate T
Shesonlyseventeen, Jan 24, Los Alamitos R
Dark Passenger, Jan 25, Charles Town T
Concrete Cat, Jan 25, Charles Town R
Electric Eddie, Jan 25, Santa Anita R
Dixie Sparkle, Jan 26, Aqueduct R
Silent Blessing, Jan 26, Calder R
Our Mary Grace, Jan 26, Gulfstream T
Corona Favorita, Jan 26, Hialeah R
Irish Shortcut, Jan 26, Turf R
Gimmenosass, Jan 26, Turf R
Heavenly Champion, Jan 27, Gulfstream T
yet-to-be-named, Jan 28, Aqueduct S
Special Sale, Jan 28, Turf S
Royal Affair, Jan 29, Beulah R
Valar Dohaeris, Jan 30, Belmont T
Budding Affair, Jan 31, Golden Gate T
Love Is Enough, Jan 31, Laurel T
Flashy in Pink, Feb 1, Belmont T
Flyingpalm, Feb 1, Beulah T
Boppin, Feb 1, Charles Town S
Warrior’s Image, Feb 1, Fair Grounds R
Charlie Company, Feb 1, Golden Gate T
Victory Unveiled, Feb 1, Laurel T
One to a Royal, Feb 1, Laurel T
Tizardo, Feb 1, Oaklawn R
Miss Eliza, Feb 1, Turfway R
Schnell Flitzen, Feb 1, Turfway R
Flanker Valley, Feb 2, Tampa Bay T
Collective Concept, Feb 3, Turf S
Take Pride Please, Feb 4, Charles Town S
Ciem, Feb 4, Northfield R
Dandee Diamond, Feb 4, Pompano S
Minotaur, Feb 4, Turf R
Silver Cloud, Feb 5, Tampa Bay R
Salt Block, Feb 6, Laurel R
Cougarontheprowl, Feb 6, Santa Anita R
Mr Manske, Feb 7, Charles Town R
Recall Dynaformer, Feb 8, Gulfstream R
Nicki Starshine, Feb 8, Gulfstream R
Jazz Under the Oaks, Feb 8, Louisiana S
Tormentada, Feb 8, Sunland R
Malibu Affair, Feb 8, Sunland R
Borderland Blues, Feb 9, Sunland R
Felix, Feb 10, Aqueduct R
Mezuman, Feb 10, Calder T
Favorite Return, Feb 11, Tampa Bay S
Toned Lady, Feb 12, Pompano S
Grass Blade, Feb 13, Calder T
Manchas Mojave, Feb 13, Golden Gate T
Moscato, Feb 14, Golden Gate R
Fire in the Night, Feb 14, Pompano R
Jazz Corona, Feb 14, Remington T
Code of Conduct, Feb 14, Santa Anita R
Siren’s Secret, Feb 15, Calder R (euthanized Feb 18)
Pretty Darn Good, Feb 15, Emerald T
Hopper, Feb 15, Tampa Bay S
LG Jet, Feb 15, Turf R
Vero’s Hero, Feb 16, Gulfstream R
First Prize Prince, Feb 16, Louisiana R
Play N Win, Feb 16, Turf R
Astronomer, Feb 17, Fair Grounds R
He’s Not Too Shaby, Feb 17, Santa Anita R
Blazin Mean, Feb 17, Sunland T
Gracias, Feb 17, Turf R
Lucian, Feb 18, Remington T
Pressing On, Feb 18, Sunland R
Salesman, Feb 19, Delta R
Mega Hall, Feb 19, Northfield R
Dream for Dean, Feb 20, Calder T
Sum Royal, Feb 20, Charles Town R
Marie B, Feb 20, Laurel T
Foreign Melody, Feb 21, Belmont S
Ya No Esta, Feb 21, Calder R
Very Elusive, Feb 21, Golden Gate T
All Tanked Up, Feb 21, Hawthorne R
Take It Up a Notch, Feb 21, Remington T
Ghost Tour, Feb 21, Tampa Bay T
Andromeda’s Coming, Feb 22, Aqueduct R
Grant Us Peace, Feb 22, Charles Town R
Miss Palatine, Feb 22, Hawthorne R
Body of Evidence, Feb 22, Hialeah R
Scouts Diva, Feb 22, Hialeah R
Scottie C, Feb 22, Buffalo R
F M Forty One, Feb 22, Sunland R
Byerley Barb, Feb 23, Golden Gate T
I’m a Breeze, Feb 23, Hawthorne R
Apollo Ono, Feb 23, Hialeah R
Chica de La Noche, Feb 23, Louisiana R
Soft Puff, Feb 25, Charles Town S
Mighty Grizzly Water, Feb 25, Sunland R
Pay Tribute, Feb 26, Buffalo R
Giant Indian, Feb 26, Laurel R
Bluehard, Feb 27, Delta R
Museum Tour, Feb 27, Delta R
Anotherprettygirl, Feb 27, Sunland T
Vine Ripened, Feb 27, Tampa Bay S
Sea Rep Run, Feb 28, Charles Town R
Sound of Drums, Mar 1, Aqueduct R
Dicolas Soul, Mar 1, Charles Town T
News Bulletin, Mar 1, Hawthorne R
Ide Better Pray, Mar 1, Mountaineer R (euthanized Mar 4)
Syeshacat, Mar 1, Mountaineer R
First Time John, Mar 1, Turf R
King Moon, Mar 2, Oaklawn R
Decoy, Mar 2, Sunland R
Aggressive Prize, Mar 3, Louisiana R
I Ride Western, Mar 3, Northfield R
Know This, Mar 4, Mountaineer R
Junkyard Eddie, Mar 4, Mountaineer R
Aquilo, Mar 4, Sunland S
Giga Man, Mar 4, Sunland T
Intoxication, Mar 4, Sunland T
Changeinaction, Mar 5, Belmont T
Tropical Treasure, Mar 5, Laurel T
Thegallopingghost, Mar 5, Mountaineer R
Jalouzi, Mar 6, Charles Town R
The Program, Mar 6, Fair Grounds R
Ruby Jo, Mar 6, Golden Gate T
Run in Aruba, Mar 7, Calder R
Miss Da Sunrise, Mar 7, Fair Grounds R
Cellophane, Mar 7, Golden Gate R
Bravo Romeo, Mar 7, Laurel R
Holy Wildcat, Mar 8, Gulfstream R
D’wildbill, Mar 8, Mountaineer R
Diamondsontheinside, Mar 8, Remington R
Jack Brookshire, Mar 8, Remington R
Dats Dee, Mar 8, Sunland R
Lewis’ Son, Mar 9, Gulfstream T
Spookorific, Mar 9, Laurel T
Playingintherain, Mar 9, Sunland T
Humble Suspect, Mar 9, Turf T
Tawdry, Mar 10, Mountaineer R
Passport Denied, Mar 11, Mountaineer R
Hickory Louie, Mar 12, Monticello R
Honor Spirit, Mar 12, Turf R (euthanized Mar 13)
Sterlingspokerface, Mar 13, Charles Town S
Uncle Betty, Mar 13, Charles Town R
Minnie Bear, Mar 13, Gulfstream T
Chickatari, Mar 13, Penn R
Promise Me Pyc, Mar 13, Remington R
Kenai Warrior, Mar 14, Gulfstream R
Cooper River, Mar 14, Laurel R (euthanized Mar 29)
J Rose Gal, Mar 14, Tampa Bay R
Concept, Mar 15, Aqueduct T
Itsagoodtendollars, Mar 15, Belmont T
Candy’s Jewel, Mar 15, Los Alamitos R
Seton Hall, Mar 15, Pompano R
Fardan, Mar 15, Santa Anita R
Broadway Peyton, Mar 15, Tampa Bay R
SS Tribal Girl, Mar 16, Fonner R (euthanized Mar 18)
Starlight Dreamer, Mar 16, Hawthorne R
El Altanero, Mar 17, Beulah R
Tanjero, Mar 17, Mountaineer R
Hot Little Thang, Mar 17, Turf R
Foxy Silvers Socks, Mar 18, Turf S
Sportwagon, Mar 18, Turf S
Dee Ray, Mar 19, Calder T
Gadget Girl, Mar 19, Gulfstream T
Pure Afleet, Mar 19, Laurel R (euthanized Mar 24)
Colonel By, Mar 21, Charles Town R
Finesse, Mar 21, Oaklawn R
Garden Tavern, Mar 22, Charles Town R
Three Rudys, Mar 22, Fonner R (euthanized Mar 25)
Diva On Demand, Mar 22, Laurel R
HJD’s Prize, Mar 22, Mountaineer R
Sweetly Put, Mar 22, Penn R
Texas Spook, Mar 22, Remington R
Vagabond Shoes, Mar 22, Santa Anita R
Striking Slew, Mar 23, Belmont S
Vengeful, Mar 23, Gulfstream R
With a Miracle, Mar 23, Sunland R
Shop Keeper, Mar 25, Sunland R
First Spirit, Mar 26, Louisiana S
Tapits Wildcat, Mar 26, Turf R
Mi Vengador, Mar 27, Remington R (euthanized Mar 29)
Eyes a Stoli, Mar 27, Sam Houston R
Kern River, Mar 28, Fonner R
Art of the Game, Mar 28, Gulfstream R
Yu Tiger Yu, Mar 28, Hawthorne R
Sea of Faces, Mar 29, Gulfstream T
Russian Silk, Mar 29, Santa Anita R
Jurzenski, Mar 30, Fonner R
Causewere Gamblers, Mar 30, Santa Anita R
Notbyemyrules, Mar 30, Santa Anita R
Lewkacy, Mar 30, Turf R
Printscess Best, Apr 1, Charles Town R
Lucky Leroy, Apr 2, Tampa Bay T
Jojonotjoelowe, Apr 3, Aqueduct T
Tellem Its Texas, Apr 3, Remington R
Olmeca, Apr 4, Calder S
Schay’s Miss, Apr 4, Charles Town T
When We Laugh, Apr 4, Charles Town R
No Shenanigans, Apr 4, Pimlico R
Travis Weaver, Apr 4, Sunland R
Donttangowithmango, Apr 5, Hawthorne R
Our Desire, Apr 5, Scarborough R
Crystallo, Apr 6, Mountaineer R
Hudson Ridge, Apr 6, Pimlico R
Blondie La Jolla, Apr 6, Turf R (euthanized Apr 9)
Vivi’s Party Girl, Apr 7, Calder S
Trinity Tavern, Apr 8, Fonner S
Walker Rd., Apr 8, Les Bois S
Casey’s On Call, Apr 9, Hawthorne R
First Glance, Apr 9, Tampa Bay T
Clawback, Apr 10, Aqueduct S
Corvo, Apr 10, Belmont S
Harry’s Miracle, Apr 10, Charles Town T
Shamelessly Rich, Apr 10, Charles Town T
Stop Talking, Apr 10, Lone Star R (euthanized Apr 24)
D K Warrior, Apr 10, Tampa Bay T
Mongol Ring, Apr 11, Calder R
Big Al, Apr 11, Charles Town S
unidentified, Apr 11, Indiana T
She’s Gosphel, Apr 11, Penn R
Mass Destruction, Apr 11, Pimlico R
Rabbit Steppin, Apr 11, Sunland S
Crystal Dreamer, Apr 12, Charles Town T
Forty Four Loco, Apr 12, Charles Town R
Smart Sequoyah, Apr 12, Charles Town R
Famous Gent, Apr 12, Fonner R
Ivebeensaved, Apr 12, Parx R
Moonshine Gracie, Apr 13, Gulfstream T
Alondra Sky, Apr 13, Gulfstream R
Im the Preacher, Apr 13, Sunland S
Kollos, Apr 14, Calder T
Smokin Armadillo, Apr 14, Will Rogers R
Here Comes Drz, Apr 15, Charles Town R
American Iron, Apr 15, Finger Lakes T
Call Me Louie, Apr 15, Sunland R
Chili Con Queso, Apr 15, Sunland R
War Politics, Apr 15, Sunland R
Crimson Flyer, Apr 16, Golden Gate T
Sicard’s Sensation, Apr 17, Evangeline R
Redestrian, Apr 17, Scarborough S
Onetwopunch, Apr 17, Tampa Bay T
Goodness Sakes, Apr 18, Calder T
Recovered, Apr 18, Finger Lakes R
Runaway Wild, Apr 18, Remington R
Prowess, Apr 19, Lone Star T
City Squire, Apr 19, Monmouth T
Just After Me, Apr 19, Remington R
La Jolla Surprise, Apr 19, Sam Houston R
Ruby Lite, Apr 19, Thistledown T
Classy Marlene, Apr 20, Calder R
Soulsinging, Apr 20, Gulfstream T
Tango Jet, Apr 20, Remington R
J C Avenue, Apr 20, Sunray R
Bojax, Apr 21, Turf R
Southwind Tabor, Apr 21, Yonkers R
Silvia’s Secret, Apr 22, Sunray T
Diamonds n’ Demons, Apr 23, Emerald T
Don’tdrinkmywine, Apr 23, Penn R
Genuine Windi Dash, Apr 23, Turf R
Bonnygreen, Apr 24, Charles Town S
Gadzooks, Apr 24, Turf T
Aussi Austin, Apr 25, Aqueduct R
Jellena, Apr 25, Sunray R
Skinner, Apr 25, Tampa Bay T
Laredos Goose, Apr 26, Cal Expo R
Zoomin to the Moon, Apr 26, Delta R
Zapachula, Apr 26, Fonner R (euthanized Apr 27)
Marcelino Springs, Apr 26, Golden Gate R
Marine, Apr 26, Gulfstream R
Big Boy Tyson, Apr 26, Mountaineer R (euthanized Apr 27)
Jaylo Caliente, Apr 26, Remington R
Jess So, Apr 26, Sunray R
Rock U Up, Apr 26, Turf R (euthanized Apr 28)
Cuban Devil, Apr 27, Atlantic City R
Golden Mexico, Apr 27, Golden Gate R
La Jolla Cove, Apr 27, Santa Anita R
Official Business, Apr 27, Will Rogers S
Caverna, Apr 28, Beulah R
Win Machine, Apr 28, Mountaineer R
Me Likey Mikey, Apr 28, Sunray T
Big Dividend, Apr 29, Charles Town R
Think Money, Apr 29, Pimlico T
Blue Book, Apr 30, Charles Town R
Rock Elle Ten, Apr 30, Evangeline R
Benchmark’s Rebel, Apr 30, Les Bois S
Handstand, May 1, Belmont R
Country Tricker, May 1, Calder S
Mayan Summer, May 1, Calder T
Vaquero Guapo, May 1, Delta R
Moneyatlast, May 1, Lone Star R
Hotradamus, May 1, Santa Anita R
Cashininafantasy, May 2, Delta R
Polar Pal, May 2, Evangeline R
Onebaddancer, May 2, Golden Gate T
Granny Calling, May 2, Santa Anita R
Jaretts Royal Dream, May 2, Sunray R
Canadian Winner, May 3, Churchill R
Boston Chief, May 3, Finger Lakes T
Tree Top Society, May 3, Lone Star T
Watch This Zoom, May 3, Remington R
Bye Bye Jess, May 3, Ruidoso S
Secretly Dreaming, May 3, Ruidoso T
Dontchacallnomo, May 3, Ruidoso T
Jesse Lady, May 3, Sunray R
Dumpling Man, May 3, Tampa Bay R
Chow Call, May 4, Emerald T
Zion Hill, May 4, Mountaineer R
Friends for Life, May 5, Remington S
Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers R
Valley of the Sun, May 6, Meadowlands T
unidentified, May 7, Indiana R
Okey Dokey Legend, May 7, Les Bois R
Party Boy Streakin, May 7, Les Bois R
Talking Man, May 7, Lone Star T
Kid Curry, May 7, Tampa Bay T
It’s too Easy, May 8, Lone Star R
Nightfall, May 8, Santa Anita R
Humor Me Doc, May 9, Gulfstream R
Looks Like a Saint, May 9, Indiana R
Turbalo, May 9, Lone Star R
Mad Magic, May 9, Pimlico R
Curl Del Rey, May 9, Remington R
Jess a Whisper, May 9, Sam Houston S
Kitellas Gal, May 9, Sunray R
Aztec Secret, May 10, Louisiana R
Gigi’s Alina, May 10, Prairie R
Gameboy Luke, May 10, Santa Anita R
Patches Pal, May 11, Emerald T
Hurrikane Jersey Joe, May 11, Magical Acres (NJ) T
Mr Lemon Tree, May 11, Santa Anita R
Revelling, May 11, Thistledown R (euthanized May 18)
Explosive Smile, May 12, Gulfstream T
Very Very Grateful, May 13, Finger Lakes S
Transatlantic, May 13, Mountaineer R (euthanized May 14)
Happy Happy Me, May 13, Sunray T
Lil Ditty, May 13, Will Rogers R
unidentified, May 14, Indiana T
Sum Special Hum, May 14, Les Bois S
Rhythm of the Moon, May 14, Suffolk R
D E Trubador, May 15, Arapahoe T
Thewayofthesamurai, May 15, Charles Town T
It Might Get Loud, May 15, Charles Town R (euthanized May 23)
Nana Jean, May 15, Churchill R
Bold Fashion, May 15, Golden Gate T
Opequon Creek, May 16, Charles Town R (euthanized May 28)
Handsome Harley, May 16, Pimlico R (euthanized May 24)
Carters Crown, May 16, Remington T
Canon Zoom, May 16, Remington R
Blazin Perfect, May 16, Sunray R
Happy Humor, May 16, Sunray R
Alpinheimer, May 17, Les Bois S
Rulers Brite Lite, May 17, Louisiana S
King Hall, May 17, Suffolk S
Eyema Delight, May 18, Arlington R
Catawba Gray, May 18, Belterra R
Oriental Silk, May 18, Louisiana R
Sister Discreet, May 18, Monmouth T
Blushing Martha, May 18, Mountaineer R
Caillech’s Quest, May 18, Parx R
Lucky for You, May 18, Saratoga T
Zoe 14, May 18, Sunray R
Eastern Gold, May 18, Sunray R
KZ Too, May 20, Monticello R
Town Fool, May 20, Bangor R
Summa Cum Boom, May 20, Parx R
See the Music, May 21, Belmont R
Act of Divinity, May 21, Charles Town S
Asophisticatedmomma, May 21, Ruidoso S
Calling Mr Malcolm, May 22, Charles Town T
Never Tell Lynda, May 22, Churchill R
Motion in Potion, May 22, Prairie R
Comic Slew (probably sic), May 22, Ruidoso T
Stadtpark, May 22, Santa Anita R
Breaking Rocks, May 23, Charles Town R (euthanized May 28)
Skyrunner, May 23, Lone Star T
Double Reaction, May 23, Monmouth T (euthanized June 19)
Static Kill, May 24, Arlington R
Bb Cc Quik Wagon, May 24, Delta R
Reflective Glory, May 24, Emerald R
Eric the Ram, May 24, Louisiana R
Dynastys First Call, May 24, Ruidoso R
Big Note, May 24, Santa Anita R
Felicias Prettylucky, May 24, Sunray R
Flying to the Dash, May 25, Arapahoe R
Intense Holiday, May 25, Belmont T
Notability, May 25, Churchill R
Loooch’smachoman, May 25, Louisiana R
Celtic Tune, May 25, Monmouth T
Value Trap, May 25, Prairie R
Valle Vidal, May 25, Ruidoso R
Mimi’s Nieto, May 26, Emerald S
Just Mizzy, May 26, Finger Lakes S
Perry Point, May 26, Ruidoso T
Design Guru, May 26, Whitebirch Farm (NJ) S
Lotruglio (probably sic), May 27, Monmouth T
Silver Arch, May 27, Parx R
Wave Good Bye Baby, May 28, Arapahoe S
Miss Cerrochina, May 28, Emerald T
New Vogue, May 28, Les Bois R
Kingston Jamaica, May 29, Belmont T
Gibson Halo, May 29, Evangeline R
unidentified, May 29, Indiana T
Jess a Speeder, May 30, Arapahoe R
Who Dat Bug, May 30, Delta S
Kissinginthedark, May 30, Finger Lakes R
[illegible] Treasure, May 30, Sunray S
Summer Blaze, May 31, Calder T
Sunshine Rambler, May 31, Monmouth R
Berrymeaux, May 31, Mountaineer R
Scoop a Jewel, Jun 1, Arapahoe T
Permit, Jun 1, Arlington R
Pink Gold, Jun 1, Lone Star R
Archie’s All Heart, Jun 1, Parx R
Der Boss, Jun 1, Pimlico R
Pyb Place Your Bet, Jun 1, Remington R
Brass Rail, Jun 2, Suffolk T
Fabulous and Clear, Jun 3, Calder T
Fenway, Jun 3, Sunray R
yet-to-be-named, Jun 4, Aqueduct T
Genes Kokopelli, Jun 4, Ruidoso S
McSpeedy, Jun 4, Will Rogers S
Samuels Blond Lady, Jun 5, Belmont R (euthanized Jun 8)
Iwillneversaynever, Jun 6, Suffolk S
Sweet Teri K, Jun 7, Belterra R
Really a Hero, Jun 7, Eastern Oregon R
Tiger Mike, Jun 7, Fairmount R
Lemon Sundae, Jun 7, Finger Lakes R
Tebows Big Play, Jun 7, Golden Gate R
unidentified, Jun 7, Indiana T
Tricky Ricardo, Jun 7, Indiana R
Kitty Mandu, Jun 7, Monmouth R
Stormdefrere, Jun 7, Penn R
Princess Marquee, Jun 7, Ruidoso T
A First Class, Jun 7, Ruidoso R
Old World Order, Jun 8, Belterra R
Faith N Moon, Jun 8, Buffalo R
Hold the Nutmeg, Jun 8, Monmouth T
Lobo Del Norte, Jun 8, Parx R
X Country Girl, Jun 8, Parx R
Lava Lei, Jun 8, Thistledown R
Nics First Rainbow, Jun 9, Ruidoso R
Impetuous Power, Jun 10, Calder S
Dakota’s Court, Jun 10, Indiana R
Never, Jun 10, Les Bois S
Gulf of Aden, Jun 10, Parx R
Part N Ways, Jun 10, Retama T
Mint Humor, Jun 10, Sunray R
Wino, Jun 11, Evangeline R
Olivia Twist, Jun 11, Suffolk T
Bear’s Spirit, Jun 12, Aqueduct T
Racetrack Diva, Jun 12, Northfield R
Scooper Dee (probably sic), Jun 12, Ruidoso T
Handsome Amigo, Jun 12, Ruidoso T
Shared Sacrifice, Jun 13, Los Alamitos R
Fishy Wagon, Jun 13, Retama R
Point Taken, Jun 14, Belmont S
Agent Boo, Jun 14, Fair Meadows R
J.B.’s Marquis, Jun 14, Louisiana R
Hot Necker, Jun 14, Mountaineer R
Patron Platinum, Jun 14, Ruidoso T
Socialbug, Jun 15, Churchill T
Lucid Dream, Jun 17, Meadowlands T
Hall’n Chips, Jun 17, Northfield R
Acrylic Hanover, Jun 17, Plainridge S
My Jordy, Jun 17, Presque Isle R
Fran’s Kid, Jun 18, Belmont T
Dalglish, Jun 18, Monticello R
Ethan John, Jun 18, Suffolk R
Summer Sanctuary, Jun 19, Delaware R
Ol’ Bob, Jun 19, Louisiana R
Hey Babe, Jun 19, Monmouth S
Rock and Roll Star, Jun 20, Finger Lakes T
Chiffy, Jun 20, Penn R
Rick’s Cafe, Jun 20, Penn R
Lake Brilliant, Jun 20, Prairie R
Cole Forty Five, Jun 20, Santa Anita R
Birthday Wish, Jun 21, Belterra R
Pegasus Star, Jun 21, Calder R
Heza Streakin Flyer, Jun 21, Delta R
Jumpn Streaker, Jun 21, Delta R
Sunny’s Included, Jun 21, Emerald T
My True Desire, Jun 21, Fair Meadows R
Shanes Social Cat, Jun 21, Lone Star R
Gem’s Pride, Jun 21, Suffolk T
Code Name Brielle, Jun 22, Monmouth T
How Far We’ve Come, Jun 22, Parx R
Lady of Liberty, Jun 22, Prairie R
First Down Man, Jun 22, Wyoming R
Run Katniss Run, Jun 23, Finger Lakes S
Griffin Rock, Jun 23, Parx R
Peakaboo Sue, Jun 23, Ruidoso S
Sms First Dibs, Jun 24, Ruidoso S
Roses for Romney, Jun 25, Belmont R
Im’s Home, Jun 25, Ruidoso T
Mel’s Game, Jun 26, Santa Anita R
Montana Red, Jun 27, Arapahoe R
Toomers Oaks, Jun 27, Delta R
Elsaroarin, Jun 27, Finger Lakes R
Track Terror, Jun 27, Monmouth T
Hot Sirachi, Jun 27, Monmouth R (euthanized Jul 24)
Carmon’s Trick, Jun 27, Ruidoso S
Eyesa Llano, Jun 27, Ruidoso T
Let’s Face It, Jun 27, Thistledown R
Second Down Patriot, Jun 28, Delta R
Western Grit, Jun 28, Finger Lakes T
Commandeer, Jun 28, Belterra R
Papa Doc, Jun 28, Charles Town R
Halos Wild, Jun 28, Lone Star R
Tough Orphan, Jun 29, Pleasanton R
Royal Dash Special, Jul 2, Delta R
Gleaming Girl, Jul 3, Lone Star R
Design by Who, Jul 3, Ruidoso T
Jaxtens First Wagon, Jul 3, Ruidoso R
My Belle Etoile, Jul 4, Ellis R
Steal the Show Lo, Jul 4, Emerald R
Michonne, Jul 4, Finger Lakes R
Finns Huckleberry, Jul 4, Ruidoso R
Hocuspocuss, Jul 4, Ruidoso R
Song for Krismike, Jul 5, Charles Town R
Cuzs Painted Success, Jul 5, Fair Meadows R
Havana Sunrise, Jul 5, Finger Lakes S
Fun Elusive, Jul 5, Gulfstream R
Guidopanzini, Jul 5, Pleasanton R
Karamojo, Jul 5, Penn R
Coronas Sportiness, Jul 5, Ruidoso R
This Guy Is Blue, Jul 6, Belmont R
Cozy Kieran, Jul 6, Belterra T
Streaterville, Jul 6, Mountaineer R
Offlee Fast, Jul 7, Calder T
Back Talking, Jul 9, Mountaineer R
Teenie B Tuff, Jul 10, Arapahoe T
Our Deputy Express, Jul 10, Delaware R
The Lucky Dream, Jul 10, Finger Lakes S
Shame On Em, Jul 11, Emerald T
Chief Barker, Jul 12, Arlington R
Lone Star Sizzler, Jul 12, Evangeline R
Hiway Centerfold, Jul 12, Fair Meadows R
He’s the Shot, Jul 12, Lone Star S
Music Maid, Jul 13, Belmont R
Corlett Drive, Jul 13, Del Mar T
War Prince, Jul 13, Emerald R
Ruler of the Tribe, Jul 13, Emerald R
unidentified, Jul 13, Indiana S
Finally Together, Jul 14, Mountaineer R
Given Episode, Jul 16, Les Bois R
Kokaltash, Jul 17, Del Mar R
Bodey the Beast, Jul 17, Fair Meadows R
Indomitable Woman, Jul 17, Finger Lakes R
Shell It Back, Jul 17, Suffolk S
Smooth Willow, Jul 18, Charles Town R
Could Be a Rumor, Jul 18, Charles Town R
Generator, Jul 18, Evangeline R
Kylees’ Giant, Jul 18, Monmouth T
Piskacha, Jul 19, Belterra R
Heza Fast Wagon, Jul 19, Les Bois R
Ifihadalady, Jul 19, Mountaineer R
Missy Zelliott, Jul 20, Belmont T
Lw Wired Val, Jul 20, Arapahoe R
Washington Dacat, Jul 20, Canterbury R
Auriferous, Jul 20, Monmouth T
I’m Included, Jul 20, Remington T
Gryphon Gold, Jul 20, Sacramento R (euthanized Jul 23)
Ithink I Can Dance, Jul 22, Mountaineer R
Mr Percussionist, Jul 22, Parx R
My Bananarama, Jul 23, Les Bois S
Possy Beach, Jul 23, Les Bois R
Shocker Topper, Jul 23, Santa Rosa T
Lucky Prize, Jul 24, Charles Town R
Dance With Fate, Jul 24, Del Mar T
Artic Eagle, Jul 24, Fair Meadows R
Save Your Pennies, Jul 24, Gulfstream R (euthanized Jul 26)
Lifeguard On Duty, Jul 24, Saratoga T
Surviving the Odds, Jul 25, Arapahoe R (euthanized Jul 27)
Rue the Day, Jul 25, Charles Town R
Yes She’s Unusual, Jul 25, Del Mar R
Longview Drive, Jul 25, Del Mar R
Lillysacat, Jul 25, Emerald S
Movin’ On Up, Jul 25, Louisiana R
Elusive Cowgirl, Jul 25, Monmouth R
Double Gold, Jul 25, Saratoga T
Double Dancer, Jul 25, Suffolk S
Lil Swiss Echo, Jul 26, Del Mar R
J Kat, Jul 26, Del Mar R
Chichita, Jul 26, Finger Lakes R
Rockabar, Jul 26, Santa Rosa R
Chilled Mousse, Jul 27, Del Mar T
Curly Queen, Jul 27, Gulfstream R
Gimmeanotherwink, Jul 28, Finger Lakes R
Dixie’s Pegasus, Jul 28, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Jul 28, Indiana S
Father Johns Pride, Jul 28, Saratoga R
Majic Laughter, Jul 29, Batavia S
Baltic Princess, Jul 29, Calder T
Quorum, Jul 29, Finger Lakes R
Cool Under Fire, Jul 29, Parx R
Intimate Storm, Jul 30, Charles Town R
Patinka, Jul 30, Presque Isle R
Lavender Road, Jul 30, Saratoga R
Serious, Jul 31, Del Mar R (euthanized Aug 14)
unidentified, Jul 31, Indiana T
Too Much Chocolate, Jul 31, Monmouth T
Seventh Apostle, Aug 1, Gulfstream T
Implied, Aug 1, Monmouth R
American Reign, Aug 1, Prairie R
Chattering Gambler, Aug 2, Del Mar R
Markyour Territory, Aug 2, Fairmount R
Fly Above, Aug 2, Monmouth R
Sir William Bruce, Aug 2, Saratoga R
Lite Up My Dream, Aug 2, Thistledown R
Maji Moto, Aug 4, Mountaineer R
Carolina Moon, Aug 6, Charles Town S
The Caller, Aug 6, Charles Town S
Superbe Rulah, Aug 6, Monticello S
Felixia, Aug 6, Thistledown R
Cat O Gold, Aug 8, Arapahoe R
Banker Bailout, Aug 8, Finger Lakes S
Well Lit, Aug 8, Monmouth T
Western Sword, Aug 8, Penn R
Elite Buckaroo, Aug 9, Arapahoe R (euthanized Aug 12)
Roy’s Song, Aug 9, Charles Town S
Slewissurfing, Aug 9, Charles Town R
Rosie by Rossini, Aug 9, Evangeline R
De Rage Girl, Aug 9, Parx R
Trail Blaze, Aug 9, Parx R
Dm Fly Belle Fly, Aug 9, Retama T
Ambarona, Aug 9, Suffolk R (euthanized Aug 11)
Who’strickingwho, Aug 10, Arapahoe R
Peters Rock, Aug 10, Arlington R
Bonita Muneca, Aug 10, Belterra R
Exultant, Aug 10, Belterra R
Top Excitement, Aug 10, Gulfstream T
Regretless, Aug 11, Saratoga R
Genaro, Aug 11, Tioga S
Steppingood, Aug 13, Del Mar R
Bullwhip, Aug 14, Charles Town R
Deputy Gulch, Aug 14, Charles Town R
See See See, Aug 15, Monmouth R (euthanized Aug 29)
Cashion, Aug 16, Belmont T
I’m All Spotted Up, Aug 16, Charles Town S
Bayview Drive, Aug 16, Del Mar R
La Rue Lady, Aug 16, Ellis R
Zuni Tunes, Aug 16, Golden Gate R
Miss Mulligan, Aug 16, Retama T
Winter’s Wildchild, Aug 17, Columbus R
There Goes Kevin, Aug 17, Los Alamitos R
Kevinator, Aug 17, Los Alamitos R
Royal Hard Spun, Aug 17, Monmouth R
Bonnie Lass, Aug 18, Delaware R
Bakken Gold, Aug 18, Emerald T
Arctic Thunder, Aug 20, Remington R
Sombra de La Luna, Aug 20, Suffolk R (euthanized Aug 23)
Mary’s Vow, Aug 20, Thistledown R
Sorcerer’s Queen, Aug 21, Evangeline R
Im Funny for Money, Aug 21, Evangeline R
M B and Tee, Aug 21, Saratoga R
Little Tower, Aug 22, Del Mar R
Celzo’s Birdie, Aug 22, Ferndale R
Rubysandpearls, Aug 22, Finger Lakes S
unidentified, Aug 22, Indiana S
Sal’s Boy, Aug 22, Monmouth R
Miss Bullette, Aug 22, Ruidoso S
Tu Tu Tango, Aug 23, Evangeline R
Chubaroni, Aug 23, Monmouth R
Kamarius, Aug 23, Saratoga T
Ludicrous, Aug 23, Saratoga R
Magic Beam, Aug 24, Del Mar T
Matagorda Bay, Aug 24, Gillespie R
Ima Ivory, Aug 24, Prairie R
Splendid Saturday, Aug 24, Remington T
Elena Strikes, Aug 24, Saratoga T
New Ellenton, Aug 25, Monmouth S
Be a Pro, Aug 25, Presque Isle R
Queen But a King, Aug 25, Ruidoso R
Makari, Aug 25, Saratoga R
Run for Papa, Aug 26, Fairmount R
Vanessa Halo, Aug 26, Finger Lakes T
Manda Moo, Aug 26, Parx R
Divine Guidance, Aug 27, Saratoga R (euthanized Aug 29)
Posh Acres, Aug 28, Charles Town R
Cause Im a Bigshot, Aug 28, Del Mar T
Throwsomelimeonit, Aug 29, Evangeline R
Unbridled Blossom, Aug 29, Indiana R
Ize On a Roll, Aug 29, Ruidoso S
Party Lad, Aug 30, Calder T
My Kinda Girl, Aug 30, Charles Town R
Kitagal, Aug 30, Louisiana R
Sinful Humor, Aug 30, Monmouth S
Semester Abroad, Aug 30, Monmouth R
Paper Tigress, Aug 30, Parx R
One Eyed Shook, Aug 30, Remington R
Washington’s Rules, Aug 30, Suffolk R
Nacho Preacher, Aug 31, Golden Gate R
Strong Humor, Aug 31, Monmouth R
Cross Village, Aug 31, Mountaineer R
Runaway Bridle, Aug 31, Thistledown R
Imperial Lad, Sep 1, Arlington R
Saffron Wonder, Sep 1, Charles Town S
Feeling Naughty, Sep 1, Mountaineer R
Back’em Down, Sep 2, Fairmount R
Sebastian’s Run, Sep 3, Charles Town R
unidentified, Sep 3, Indiana S
Manis, Sep 3, Mountaineer R
Florida Bull, Sep 3, Thistledown R
Sequoia Skyline, Sep 4, Louisiana R
Mop, Sep 5, Arlington R
Major Battle, Sep 5, Belmont T
Coppers Fit, Sep 5, Fair Grounds R
Game Obsession, Sep 5, Fair Grounds R
Jump Two, Sep 5, Laurel T
Ligety, Sep 5, Los Alamitos R
To Tell the Truth, Sep 5, Northfield R
Sweet Irish Tee, Sep 5, Remington T
He Can Run, Sep 6, Monmouth T
Ifyougotthenotion, Sep 6, Parx R
Gerryland, Sep 7, Finger Lakes T
Kitt’s Kool Katt, Sep 7, Finger Lakes T
Warpaint Gold, Sep 7, Gulfstream T
Tyeste, Sep 7, Monmouth R
Party for All, Sep 7, Will Rogers T
Jr Blue Chew Chew, Sep 7, Will Rogers R
Get That Cat, Sep 8, Zia R
Noyo Harbor, Sep 9, Zia T
Ali’s Rapper, Sep 9, Zia R
Ego Friendly, Sep 10, Belmont T
Mulheb, Sep 10, Belmont R
Frat Man, Sep 10, Charles Town R
I Love Penny, Sep 10, Penn R
Funnys Man Dream, Sep 11, Belterra R
Kingliest, Sep 11, Belterra R
Boastful Dancer, Sep 11, Laurel R
Foxy Syd, Sep 11, Penn R
Eddington Bay, Sep 11, Penn R
Tale of Lucknfame, Sep 12, Belterra R
Dark Heat, Sep 12, Emerald S
Stroll for Us, Sep 12, Emerald S
Strategic Player, Sep 12, Retama R
Freddie Freud, Sep 13, Belmont T
DJ’s Hope, Sep 13, Finger Lakes R
Marija’s Wish, Sep 13, Gulfstream R
Dream Rocker, Sep 13, Mountaineer R
X Why Zee, Sep 13, Parx R
Cola de Oro, Sep 13, Prairie R
Hada Certain Charm, Sep 13, Prairie R
Matched Ruler, Sep 13, Thistledown R
Squall Line, Sep 14, Belterra R
Lucy Acton, Sep 14, Monmouth R (euthanized Sep 22)
Souper Arch, Sep 14, Monmouth R
Paul Ford, Sep 14, Pleasanton T
Lipstick Promises, Sep 15, Belterra T
Distorted Trick, Sep 15, Turf T
Skoll, Sep 17, Calder T
Sweetpea’s Yankee, Sep 17, Remington R
Indian Lark, Sep 17, Suffolk R (euthanized Sep 29)
unidentified, Sep 18, Indiana T
Jackson Station, Sep 18, Remington R
Won Request, Sep 19, Charles Town S
Kiwi Ruler, Sep 19, Penn R
Piano Teacher, Sep 19, Penn R
Tale of the Spa, Sep 19, Saratoga T
Tribal Mystic, Sep 20, Emerald R
Goldmine Princess, Sep 20, Fairmount R
Charliesirishpride, Sep 20, Laurel R
Hearts n’ Diamonds, Sep 20, Monmouth R
Coronas Lite, Sep 20, Will Rogers R (euthanized Sep 21)
Kat Alpha, Sep 22, Mountaineer R
Otis, Sep 22, Remington S
[illegible name], Sep 22, Zia T
Major Prince, Sep 24, Gulfstream W T
Italian Nany, Sep 24, Penn R
The Dark Lion, Sep 24, Suffolk R (euthanized Sep 29)
Full Ride, Sep 25, Charles Town R (euthanized Sep 26)
Kaylee’s Comet, Sep 25, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Sep 25, Indiana R
Monsterinthepaint, Sep 25, Vernon S
Blue Kat Key, Sep 26, Charles Town T
Vizcaya Star, Sep 26, Gulfstream R
Men Dee Go, Sep 26, Lone Star R
Rumblefortheroses, Sep 26, Meadowlands R
Okie Tuff, Sep 26, Remington R
Saturday in May, Sep 26, Turf T
First Need, Sep 27, Churchill R
Stevia, Sep 27, Delaware R
Run Albert Run, Sep 27, Penn R
Showmewhatyougot, Sep 27, Stockton R
Texas Two Moons, Sep 27, Will Rogers S
Native Tea Rose, Sep 28, Los Alamitos R
Forward Momentum, Sep 28, Monmouth R
Praetorian Saint, Sep 28, Remington T
Get Your Praise On, Sep 28, Stockton R
Secret Memo, Sep 28, Stockton R
Gold Crown, Sep 28, Zia R
Scootingon Theedge, Sep 30, Charles Town S
Here in a Hurry, Oct 1, Belmont T
Black Ana Aplash, Oct 1, Monmouth S
Scorpion Al, Oct 2, Gulfstream R
unidentified, Oct 2, Indiana R
Tenleytown, Oct 2, Laurel R
[illegible name], Oct 2, Zia S
Chigoe, Oct 3, Charles Town R
G W’s Hammer, Oct 3, Finger Lakes R
Decisive Decision, Oct 3, Gulfstream R
unidentified, Oct 3, Indiana T
Tangible Assets, Oct 3, Thistledown R
Looklistenandlearn, Oct 4, Belterra R
Mi’Kelseys Pride, Oct 4, Mountaineer R
Stormy Henry, Oct 4, Parx R
Funky Country, Oct 4, Suffolk R
Dave’s Cutie, Oct 4, Thistledown R
Bizzy E F, Oct 5, Thistledown R
Zeffee, Oct 6, Gulfstream W T
unidentified 1-year-old, Oct 6, Lone Star S
Stenson, Oct 8, Belmont R
Endearing, Oct 9, Belmont T
Bee Boppin Along, Oct 9, Charles Town R
La Tiela, Oct 9, Turf T
Grand Arrival, Oct 10, Belmont T
Past Tense, Oct 10, Charles Town S
unidentified (probably Eagle Illusion), Oct 11, Indiana R
Angel of Mercy, Oct 11, Laurel R
Velvet Sandy, Oct 11, Parx R
Intelligent Girl, Oct 11, Remington R
Giant Hearted Lee, Oct 13, Belmont R
Beautiful Mimi, Oct 13, Finger Lakes S
Cactus City Road, Oct 13, Laurel R
unidentified, Oct 14, Indiana S
Masaru, Oct 14, Indiana R
Platitude, Oct 14, Indiana R
Seattle Flash, Oct 14, Zia S
Strictly Business, Oct 14, Zia R
Put It Back Martha, Oct 15, Charles Town R
Lewis City, Oct 15, Hawthorne R
In the Backseat, Oct 16, Remington T
Eyesa Feisty Dasher, Oct 16, Turf S
Sheza Freak, Oct 17, Delta R
Fly to Freedom, Oct 17, Santa Anita R
Jennakins, Oct 18, Golden Gate R
Party Time, Oct 18, Keeneland T
Easy Cash Fenimore, Oct 18, Lone Star R
Dreamo, Oct 18, Penn R
Cr Strawflyn Bux, Oct 18, Prairie R
Joltin Jess, Oct 18, Prairie R
Willie Mosconi, Oct 18, Prairie R
Locks of Gold, Oct 19, Belterra R
That’s the Answer, Oct 21, Mountaineer R
Integratee, Oct 22, Evangeline R
Barzini, Oct 22, Gulfstream W R
Burden, Oct 22, Keeneland R
Auditorium, Oct 22, Mountaineer R
Perfect Danger, Oct 23, Belmont S
Zaikov, Oct 23, Belmont T
Game to Run, Oct 23, Evangeline R
unidentified, Oct 23, Indiana R
Magnificent Moon, Oct 23, Laurel R (euthanized Nov 14)
Chase This Bandit, Oct 24, Belmont R
Salty Forecast, Oct 24, Delta R
Shoe Jo, Oct 24, Keeneland R
Inhibited, Oct 24, Remington T
Saint Kris (probably sic), Oct 25, Belmont T
Valiant Lover, Oct 25, Will Rogers R
Soar Home, Oct 26, Golden Gate T
Cloud Cutter, Oct 26, Mountaineer R
Supertanker, Oct 26, Will Rogers R
Sea Hunt, Oct 27, Gulfstream W R
Mama Odie, Oct 27, Zia R
Pretty Darn Quick, Oct 29, Zia T
T Jays Affair, Oct 30, Churchill R
Honeydripper, Oct 30, Evangeline R
Princess Nene, Oct 30, Gulfstream W R
Gruff Six, Oct 30, Remington S
Summer Sunset, Oct 31, Aqueduct R
Jesses Giant Dunk, Oct 31, Aqueduct R
Flashy Dame, Oct 31, Golden Gate R
unidentified, Nov 1, Indiana R
Springs R Loaded, Nov 1, Laurel T
Mongol Boy, Nov 1, Thistledown T
Avalon Rose, Nov 1, Thistledown R
Pure Pyc, Nov 1, Will Rogers S
Lil Corona Swingin, Nov 1, Will Rogers R
Alison’s Wyn, Nov 2, Finger Lakes S
Ansilta, Nov 2, Thistledown R
I Like Em Hot, Nov 2, Zia R
Zo Sophisticated, Nov 3, Belmont T
Antone Suavey, Nov 3, Finger Lakes R
In Transition, Nov 3, Zia T
Swift Pursuit, Nov 4, Charles Town T
Astronomo, Nov 4, Finger Lakes S
Donttellporkies N, Nov 4, Rosecroft R
Yes Talk to Me, Nov 4, Turf R
Decaf Again, Nov 5, Gulfstream T
Unabiding Citizen, Nov 5, Thistledown R
Alydidit, Nov 5, Turf T
Sisteremos, Nov 6, Churchill R
Demo, Nov 7, Finger Lakes S
Two Step Turn, Nov 7, Pompano S
Ace Navigator, Nov 7, Remington R
Igotitdad, Nov 8, Gulfstream W R
Diamondback, Nov 8, Gulfstream W R
Next Right Thing, Nov 8, Thistledown R
Kasha Roo, Nov 10, Zia T
Pete, Nov 11, Finger Lakes T
Mr. Franco, Nov 11, Golden Gate T
Seeyouinthecountry, Nov 11, Laurel T
Chappstick, Nov 11, Zia R
Knockher Off, Nov 12, Aqueduct R
Reinvested, Nov 12, Hawthorne R
Lies N Disguise, Nov 13, Evangeline R
Midnight Music, Nov 14, Laurel R
True Awakening, Nov 14, Penn R (euthanized Nov 21)
Ernie Owl, Nov 15, Los Alamitos R
Surviving Kandy, Nov 16, Golden Gate T
Santa Baby, Nov 16, Yonkers R
Tip It On Back, Nov 19, Laurel R
Forever Conga, Nov 19, Tampa Bay S
Good Girl Grace, Nov 20, Tampa Bay S
Madelynsheabadgirl, Nov 21, Charles Town R
Caseys Patriot, Nov 22, Evangeline R
Justa Little Evil, Nov 22, Gulfstream W T
La Hija de Olga, Nov 22, Gulfstream W R
Infant Gold, Nov 22, Parx R
Devilish Beast, Nov 22, Zia R
Pb El Chiltepin, Nov 23, Turf R
Lion Keen, Nov 24, Gulfstream T
Bald Charm, Nov 25, Delta R
Mischieviousmelodi, Nov 25, Tampa Bay T
Pull in Time, Nov 25, Turf R
Zen Me Roses, Nov 26, Churchill R
Threetimes a Saint, Nov 26, Finger Lakes R
Miss Prim, Nov 26, Gulfstream W R
Cherokee Scoots, Nov 26, Hawthorne R
Wild Perfection, Nov 27, Finger Lakes S
Cherokee Artist, Nov 28, Aqueduct R
Twenty Three Darby, Nov 28, Churchill R
First to Dashn Shine, Nov 28, Evangeline R
Spring Likeacobra, Nov 28, Gulfstream R
Chloe’s Posse, Nov 28, Retama R
Verri Fast, Nov 28, Turf T
Bonita Song, Nov 29, Hawthorne R
Empire House, Nov 29, Retama R
Lost Yer Number, Nov 29, Tampa Bay R
El Musico, Nov 29, Zia R
Keen Katana, Nov 30, Belmont S
Whistle My Way, Nov 30, Turf R
Lean On Lexi, Dec 2, Mahoning S
Demetrius, Dec 2, Portland R
Princes On Thelake, Dec 3, Aqueduct R
Precocious Kitty, Dec 3, Delta R
Carla Sweetrevenge, Dec 3, Finger Lakes R
Mapping, Dec 3, Golden Gate T
Fine Lookin, Dec 3, Remington S
Sweet Strider, Dec 3, Turf R
Warrior’s Hero, Dec 4, Aqueduct R
Crazy Bear, Dec 4, Charles Town R
Suzettes Friend, Dec 4, Golden Gate T
Hurta, Dec 4, Hawthorne R
Boca Babe, Dec 4, Laurel R
Thingamajigger, Dec 4, Remington R
Quick Money, Dec 5, Aqueduct R
Half Nelson, Dec 5, Aqueduct R
Jacaranda Cat, Dec 6, Turf R
Royal Legend, Dec 8, Gulfstream S
Be Remarkable, Dec 8, Turf T
Miss Dashwood, Dec 9, Palm Meadows T
Storming Dreams, Dec 9, Turf T
Sage Valley, Dec 10, Aqueduct R
Matter of Truth, Dec 10, Charles Town R
Pistols Drawn, Dec 10, Hawthorne R
Lefty Closer, Dec 10, Mahoning R
Sky Kerridge, Dec 10, Mahoning R
Color Blind, Dec 10, Tampa Bay T
Ludo Bagman, Dec 11, Aqueduct R
Danielle’s Honor, Dec 11, Tampa Bay T
Bird Hunter, Dec 12, Charles Town R
Heza Fast Lover, Dec 12, Evangeline R
Kays Version, Dec 12, Sunland R
Caroline’s Estate, Dec 13, Charles Town T
Frisky Dixie, Dec 13, Charles Town R
Dee Magic Corona, Dec 13, Evangeline R
Justalittleloopy, Dec 13, Golden Gate T
Point of Defence, Dec 13, Penn R
Lion of Lone Oak, Dec 13, Remington R
Tour the City, Dec 14, Gulfstream R
No Ice Castles, Dec 14, Turf R
Deckers, Dec 15, Belmont T
Hard Play, Dec 16, Charles Town S
Freights Bay, Dec 16, Gulfstream R
War Classic, Dec 16, Gulfstream R
Bunuska, Dec 17, Charles Town R
Mississippi Stud, Dec 17, Evangeline R
Fancy Star, Dec 17, Gulfstream T
Sarava’s Pete, Dec 17, Gulfstream W T
Born to Sail, Dec 17, Laurel R
Miss Black Ice, Dec 17, Penn R
Roman’s Avenue, Dec 19, Tampa Bay T
Wallyanna, Dec 20, Gulfstream R
Very Potent, Dec 20, Laurel T
Play Maker, Dec 20, Los Alamitos R
Kilted, Dec 20, Tampa Bay T
F D Icy, Dec 20, Turf T
Oh Juliet, Dec 21, Fair Grounds R
Trini Vision, Dec 21, Gulfstream W T
My Debit Card, Dec 22, Delta R
Dusty AP, Dec 24, Hialeah S
Celebrate We Will, Dec 26, Aqueduct R
Grand Rapport, Dec 26, Gulfstream R
Rk Dominator, Dec 26, Hialeah R (euthanized Jan 2)
Mo Bagels, Dec 26, Laurel R
Wicked Irish, Dec 27, Aqueduct R
On Appeal, Dec 27, Gulfstream R
I Got Id, Dec 27, Gulfstream R
Silent Appeal, Dec 27, Laurel R
Bonnet Carre, Dec 27, Laurel R (euthanized Dec 29)
That’s the Life, Dec 27, Meadowlands R
Spooky Lady, Dec 27, Parx R
La Mano Nera, Dec 28, Turf T
Wide Eyed Ide, Dec 29, Fair Grounds R
Stonebridge A Doze, Dec 29, Pompano S
Golden Doc, Dec 30, Parx R (euthanized in Feb)
Soldier Inthe Rain, Dec 31, Belmont T
Four Lakes, Dec 31, Fair Grounds R
Exit West, Dec 31, Fair Grounds R
Cadaques, Dec 31, Laurel R (euthanized in Jan)
Moonlight Stroll, Dec 31, Turf R
Ancient Kingj, Arlington T
Apropos, Arlington T
Brillar, Arlington T
Lord’s Messenger, Arlington T
Last Nouncer, Arlington T
Razman, Arlington T
Smokey Places, Arlington T
No Apologizes, Arlington T
Sluhs Last Girl, Hawthorne T
She’s a Poet, Hawthorne T
French Colonel, Hawthorne T
Fox Valley Absolute, Balmoral/Maywood R
Theindecentlawyer, Balmoral/Maywood R
Kesons Allure, Balmoral/Maywood R
Lil Annie, Balmoral/Maywood R
Ellie Anne, Balmoral/Maywood R
Blue Rock, Balmoral/Maywood R
Dolly Dancer, Balmoral/Maywood R
Lydia’s Flight, Balmoral/Maywood R
Chili Beach, Balmoral/Maywood R
Mike’s Boy, Balmoral/Maywood R

The Killing Fields: Dead Racehorses at the Various Tracks (1104)

Turf Paradise: 46 dead racehorses

Oaklawn Park: 4 dead racehorses

Del Mar: 15 dead racehorses
Golden Gate Fields: 28 dead racehorses
Los Alamitos Race Course: 9 dead racehorses
Santa Anita Park: 21 dead racehorses
Cal Expo: 1 dead racehorse
Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton: 3 dead racehorses
California State Fair, Sacramento: 1 dead racehorse
Humboldt County Fair, Ferndale: 1 dead racehorse
San Joaquin Fair, Stockton: 3 dead racehorses
Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa: 2 dead racehorses

Arapahoe Park: 12 dead racehorses

Delaware Park: 4 dead racehorses

Calder Race Course: 25 dead racehorses
Gulfstream Park: 48 dead racehorses
Gulfstream Park West: 12 dead racehorses
Hialeah Park: 9 dead racehorses
Tampa Bay Downs: 26 dead racehorses
Palm Meadows: 1 dead racehorse
Pompano Park: 6 dead racehorses

Les Bois Park: 12 dead racehorses

Arlington Park: 15 dead racehorses
Fairmount Park: 5 dead racehorses
Hawthorne Race Course: 17 dead racehorses
Balmoral/Maywood: 10 dead racehorses

Indiana Grand: 24 dead racehorses

Prairie Meadows: 12 dead racehorses

Churchill Downs: 10 dead racehorses
Ellis Park: 2 dead racehorses
Keeneland: 3 dead racehorses
Turfway Park: 4 dead racehorses

Delta Downs: 23 dead racehorses
Evangeline Downs: 21 dead racehorses
Fair Grounds Race Course: 14 dead racehorses
Louisiana Downs: 15 dead racehorses

Bangor Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Scarborough Downs: 3 dead racehorses

Laurel Park: 31 dead racehorses
Pimlico Race Course: 7 dead racehorses
Rosecroft Raceway: 1 dead racehorse

Suffolk Downs: 15 dead racehorses
Plainridge Park: 1 dead racehorse

Canterbury Park: 1 dead racehorse

Columbus Racing: 1 dead racehorse
Fonner Park: 7 dead racehorses

New Jersey
Monmouth Park: 34 dead racehorses
Meadowlands: 4 dead racehorses
Atlantic City: 1 dead racehorse
Magical Acres: 1 dead racehorse
Whitebirch: 1 dead racehorse

New Mexico
Ruidoso Downs: 28 dead racehorses
Sunland Park: 33 dead racehorses
Sunray Park: 17 dead racehorses
Zia Park: 16 dead racehorses

New York
Aqueduct Racetrack: 24 dead racehorses
Belmont Park: 41 dead racehorses
Finger Lakes Racetrack: 34 dead racehorses
Saratoga Race Course: 14 dead racehorses
Batavia Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Buffalo Raceway: 3 dead racehorses
Monticello Raceway: 4 dead racehorses
Tioga Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Vernon Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Yonkers Raceway: 3 dead racehorses

Belterra Park: 16 dead racehorses
Beulah Park: 6 dead racehorses
Mahoning Valley: 3 dead racehorses
Thistledown: 18 dead racehorses
Northfield Park: 6 dead racehorses

Fair Meadows: 6 dead racehorses
Remington Park: 37 dead racehorses
Will Rogers Downs: 12 dead racehorses

Portland Meadows: 1 dead racehorse
Eastern Oregon Livestock: 1 dead racehorse

Parx Racing: 24 dead racehorses
Penn National: 22 dead racehorses
Presque Isle Downs: 3 dead racehorses

Lone Star Park: 16 dead racehorses
Retama Park: 7 dead racehorses
Sam Houston Park: 3 dead racehorses
Gillespie County Fair: 1 dead racehorse

Emerald Downs: 17 dead racehorses

West Virginia
Charles Town Races: 78 dead racehorses
Mountaineer Racetrack: 33 dead racehorses

Wyoming Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Arizona Department of Gaming
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of Revenue
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Idaho Racing Commission
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Louisiana Racing Commission
Maine Department of Agriculture
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Nebraska State Racing Commission
Nevada Gaming Control Board
New Jersey Racing Commission
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York State Gaming Commission
North Dakota Racing Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Texas Racing Commission
Virginia Racing Commission
Washington Horse Racing Commission
West Virginia Racing Commission
Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
The Jockey Club
Track Officials

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove.

Patrick Battuello


  1. 1 horse is one too many, the buck $$$$$ needs to end now not later. As for crowd-pleasing that’s considered a thing of the past compared to nowadays. Seeing there’s other paid sports and lottery that doesn’t involve abusing an animal. Let your inner self-be your guide, I just hope you can find it in your heart to do the right thing for the horses. There’s more animal lover now than ever before since horse cruelty has come to light in the public eye. We The People say… Enough is Enough already that goes for all God’s beloved animals.

  2. 1 horse is one too many, the buck $$$$$ needs to end now not later. As for crowd-pleasing that’s considered a thing of the past compared to nowadays. Seeing there’s other paid sports and lottery that doesn’t involve abusing an animal. Let your inner self-be your guide, I just hope you can find it in your heart to do the right thing for the horses. There’s more animal lover now than ever before since horse cruelty has come to light in the public eye. We The People say… Enough is Enough already that goes for all God’s beloved animals.

  3. Theses lists should be published in the Ocala star banner….the ” horse capital ” and every owner and trainer should be held responsible!!

  4. Theses lists should be published in the Ocala star banner….the ” horse capital ” and every owner and trainer should be held responsible!!

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