Go Vegan!

Go Vegan

While our focus here is on a single industry and a single species, Horseracing Wrongs stands unequivocally against all animal exploitation. We hold that no animal should be bred, domesticated, and used for human purposes. The evil, as we see it, begins and ends with animal property; as long as we continue to own them, talk of “rights” is positively meaningless. Accordingly, we are not interested in reform or so-called welfare improvements, simply an end – to horseracing, to all of it.

Going vegan is the way to help all animals.  Never before has it been so easy.  Below are some great sites with advice, step-by-step help and delicious recipes that will make your transition easier than you could ever imagine.

Vegan Resources:

Vegan Street Guide for New Vegans

Vegan in the Sky